scars will heal

Hello, Utah.

I left Lubbock on Friday at noon. I went through the metal detector and then got patted down three times. I guess I looked suspicious, though I don’t know why. I guess slings make you look dangerous. The flights were great. The layover was not. Apparently right as my plane landed in Denver every single plane in the whole United States also landed at Denver. Which mean there weren’t enough gates. Which meant that they kept changing my departure time as well as the departure gate. Which mean that I had to trek back and forth to opposite ends of the airport limping on my one good leg and holding my bag and dragging my suitcase with my left arm while trying to keep my right arm from being in pain. And just because they like to be annoying, my bangs were in my eyes. So basically I was hobbling around the airport, staggering under the weight of my luggage, and repeatedly flipping my head to be able to see. I’m sure I was quite a sight.

I landed safely and got to Spanish Fork just as the sun was going down. I decided to bike the short distance between my grandparents’ house and my cousins’ house. I rode around loving the breeze and cool temperatures. And watching the sun set on the green mountains wasn’t bad either.
Bike riding is my favorite thing in the world right now. It feels so refreshing to be able to use both my legs and not be lopsided while doing so. It’s invigorating to use my right leg properly after tip-toeing around gingerly for so long.
Plus the view is nice.
After a few intentional detours my day ended at my cousins house where I shared stories, scoped out all the changes in the house, and watched them play with bunnies.
[I think the kids enjoyed it more than the bunnies.]
I woke up the next morning and headed upstairs. The kitchen window was wide open allowing in a beautiful cool breeze that reminded me of Germany in August or Florida in November (both are wonderful times and places). The sun was shining and it was only in the seventies and I was in heaven while eating my breakfast.
I love that there’s frequently a puzzle on my grandparents’ table. I love watching my grandma stay up late at night diligently and patiently choosing a piece and then testing it in every place until she finds the gap waiting for it.
Saturday started with a trip to the soccer fields. I love watching little kids play soccer. However, it’s a different game in Utah. These little girls were some SKILLED soccer players. Evidently sports are more competitive in Utah. Probably because every Mormon mom wants her ponytailed daughter to be the best. (Does that count as stereotyping?)
The game was interesting, though I’m sure many of the parents I shared the sideline with thought I was bored. There was a lot of laying down, staring at trees, and high-school-soccer-reminiscing on my part. But I was paying attention.
I promise.
The morning was shady and green and a little lazy. Despite the stark lack of salty, sandy beaches it felt much like summer should.
The afternoon brought some cousin time and then another bike ride. Yep. I’m sure I’m the neighborhood spectacle, pedaling against the wind with my bandages and my sling.
Good thing I love being a spectacle :)
I may have gotten a little carried away with the picture taking, but everything just seemed so beautiful.
[Fun story: when I crouched down to take the picture I got some little spiky thingys stuck in my skirt. I didn’t realize it until I got back on my bike and felt them poking me, at which point I couldn’t be bothered to get off and remove them.]

After my bike ride I realized I was locked out of the house. Accidents. So I sat in the backyard in the hammock taking more pictures.
Also I may or may not have listened to some Taylor Swift and pretended that these convenient little hammock strings were guitar strings and that I could play them. It’s a good thing the backyard has a fence.
After lunch I got to go to the park with some different cousins (so much family!). I also got a Sno Cone. Which I’ve decided should be spelled s-n-o-w. The ‘w’ isn’t that hard people. And spelling it without one doesn’t make it taste any better.
Then I played a little game I like to call “Chase The Children Around Trying To Photograph Them Smiling”.
Oh, don’t worry. I lost.
By a lot.
There was a lot of sunshine (despite the doctor’s orders to keep my face shaded) and stickiness. It was glorious.
There was also more lounging and tree staring. I’m pretty much a professional tree starer now. Thanks, injuries.
Then I got to go to Heather’s and break her toilet and draw Hitler.
And Annie and I ended the night reviving our old detrimental habits of junk food runs to Macey’s late at night where I can barely walk down the aisles because I’m keeled over in laughter, staggering in slow motion trying to keep up with her. It’s even worse now that I can’t walk on both feet.
This morning I went to a homecoming and felt like crying (not typical, I know). I walked outside to cry without an audience and was surprised to see three familiar faces that made my heart skip a beat. I felt a little warmth in my cold, shriveled heart. My day was literally turned around after seeing a family all the way from South Florida that I love dearly. Literal 360 to my day.

In conclusion, life is good, kids.
[Title from We Are One by Switchfoot]


  1. You could write about brushing your teeth and I would be completely captivated and inspired.

    So well done. I love your writing.


  2. Bridian i LOVE your blogs so much! it was so fun having you stay here in Spanish with us for a couple days!
    "Flower gleam and glow, let your shower shine! Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine, what once was mine...........................

  3. HEY...I thought the dutch-oven potatoes would have gotten a spot on the blog seeing how delish they were! We miss you already and we hope you are having a great road trip up to Canada!

  4. you didn't break my toilet... we are just cheap and live in BYU housing and therefore have broken things.

    come back soon. let's make Alyssa a ridiculous package...

  5. The scenery in Utah is breathtaking! I'm glad you are having a good trip.