summer brings the feeling back

Happy 9th of July! Let's pretend that it's the 4th still. Because it's acceptable for me to write about National Holidays four days later. Because I've been so busy reading books and watching tv.

This fourth of July was the most relaxed fourth of July we've probably ever had as a family. They can't do fireworks in this part of Texas because they're in a drought. Normally I would have been put off by this, but it seemed appropriate this year. The night sky was dark and mellow just like me. Wait, I'm not dark. Just mellow. Dang it.

We slept in (as usual) watched a few Disney movies, and then made our seventeenth trip to Wal-Mart for ingredients. I don't know why I felt like baking again, but I wasn't going to let a broken collarbone stop me!


Remember this pie? Well I decided it was time to make it again. And I accidentally made everything red, white, and blue. It was honestly an accident. Promise.


Aria was very eager to help, as always. Except I really appreciated it this time because my arm strength (and ability to stand) is not quite what it used to be.
See.....this picture of me is a little weird. My face is a little weird. But given the circumstances, my face is very nice. Because it's almost healed. Holla!
Also...I know that I'm not really smiling, I'm aware of that. The right side of my face protests when I smile. Which is super awkward in general, but is more pointedly awkward when I have to go to the hospital and take progress pictures/ patient photos and they tell me to smile. And I don't.
This was the one time when I thought I could hold a glass bowl to pour chocolate on the top. And I dropped it. Because I can't really do things normal humans can do.
And this was the one time that Aria had to say "Brid. Give it to me. I'll do it." She did a bang up job of it.
She had to change her shirt a few times because of mishaps.
She also took the liberty of consuming the leftovers. Reward for helping, only for her, Little Red Hen style. Inhaled little piggy style.
Kenyan, with the help of her walker and Jane, ventured into the outdoors and lowered herself onto the grass, fully enjoying our first overcast day in Texas.

That night we went to the Merrill's and had a delicious meal. True to Texas, we had brisket for dinner (and grilled chicken for those of us that couldn't chew the brisket) accompanied by potatoes and other delicious vegetables and cold, juicy fruit. It was wonderful, we were surrounded by people that we love, and it got us all of the house. Kenyan even got in on the festivities.


All in all an excellent day.

[Title from Make It Through by Sherwood]

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  1. why is it you are still beautiful in a sling, hair a mess?
    Kenyan looks soo much happier than previous recent posts so I love that. Also I love seeing that Joey is still there

    love ya Brid!