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You guys!!!!! You’re all awesome! Seriously. Forty comments on this post! I particularly enjoyed the ones from people I didn’t know that are readers because of a friend’s recommendation. Honestly. I love you for sharing with your friends because it’s super flattering that you think my blog is worth sharing. Also it pretty much means that I’m famous. Holla!

And thanks for the comments Monday. Sorry that my posts are so bi-polar. Sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m sad. By the way, I’m happy again. A few times listening to my favorite song, and a few times listening to Adam Levine’s voice and staring at his face and I feel better. And I got my new phone in the mail after sitting by the door waiting for the UPS man like the salon girl in Legally Blonde. ANNNNNND I’M GOING BACK TO FLORIDA. I can hardly contain my excitement.

Okay, so this weekend was obviously fantastic. Sunday night I was still on my love-the-weather high. We went back to the resident cowboy’s house for dinner (yep, we drove past the nunnery again).




It’s really weird/a tiny bit sad that my entire family fits into a five seater car after so many years of being packed into a mini van.


I made some pretty bomb grilled chicken that I didn’t take a picture of. We ate inside the “party barn”…which I also didn’t take a picture of. What a slacker. I mostly spent the evening bouncing back and forth between being old enough to sit at the adult table telling stories and being young enough to chase little kids around taking creeper pictures of them



It’s been my experience that there are two types of kids in the world. The first are kids like this one:IMG-20110904-03009

When these kids realize you’re taking a picture of them, they turn away and hide their face. The more you beg and plead and try to gently persuade them to just give you one little smile, the more they shy away (or sometimes firmly yell “NO!”. same thing.) and hide their face. Then there’s the second kind of kid:IMG-20110904-03042

When these kids realize you’re taking a picture of them, they cheese it up and do all sorts of tricks for the camera.


I have to say, I like taking pictures of these kids more. They make me feel less creepy. Sometimes taking pictures of unwilling kids makes me feel like I’m kidnapping them or something. I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder to make sure their parents aren’t watching me harass their child.


I promise, I’m not a creeper. I just like capturing these little faces. They bring me joy.


Seriously. How can you not love a face like that.

For the record, Aria absolutely falls into the latter category. In fact, I’d say a large majority of the pictures taken are her idea. Her new favorite phrase is “Brid! Blog op!”. Where on Earth she got that phrase I’ll never know.


I would have to say the best part of the evening was when I was with the adults and the cowboy interrupted everyone’s conversation by urgently yelling “Hey everybody! Quiet. We’re watching flies die.” He wasn’t even kidding. We were, in fact, watching flies die.


This is a plate full of fly poison. Prior to being on the plate it was in a plastic cup which said cowboy stuck under my nose and practically forced me to inhale. I’m lucky to be alive. Good thing I like them so much. Otherwise I might have been upset by that.


Aren’t they darling? And don’t they look exactly the same as the picture I drew?

It was a lovely little gathering with families that I love. And seeing the little kids play with each other underneath the gray sky reminded of long-ago Sundays spent playing with my cousins. This is how Sunday afternoons should always be spent.


With good company, good food, and the good kind of laughter where your eyes tear up and your stomach hurts.


And there was plenty of that.


Sunday night was our first game night in this house. Jace did an excellent job trying to transition this tradition to Texas with all of his Texan friends. It was very different from our Florida game nights [and there were only 25 people there. That’s about half of the kids that usually showed up in Florida…] and it made me a little homesick for all our Florida homies. BUT I’M GOING TO SEE THEM SOON! AND IT’S GOING TO BE WONDERFUL! HA! K sorry. I’m calm.

Monday morning I went running with this crazy marathon runner lady:


We didn’t go until seven, which was a nice change from five in the morning when it’s still dark and I’m not really awake.


Let me just tell you a little story about this running situation. Evidently I am a really bad runner, and I found out the hard way. This lovely lady graciously offered to run with me. The first time she and her friend showed up (at 5:30 am, mind you) they’d already been running, probably for like five hours or something. And they were still casually chatting and striding like it was nothing. I’d figured I would have to work hard to keep up with them, but um…totally underestimated the whole thing. This was my first time running since the accident, so here I was thinking I was going to start right where I left off. Wrong. About ten minutes, no, thirty seconds into the run I was sounding like I was dying. It probably didn’t help that I had a cold and could hardly breathe to start with, but let’s be real, that wasn’t what the problem was. In the mean time, these two Olympians are still conversing with no shortness of breath and gliding along as though they’re driving a car or riding a scooter or something. I almost died. I would love to say that it’s gotten better since then. But it hasn’t. They’ve just adjusted to me. And sometimes I try to run 500 ft. behind them to not embarrass them. Ha.

Monday was quite a different run though. It was beautiful outside because it was still cold! It reminded me of running in Florida in December. It made it a little easier to have the sun shining on my face and to have good memories lifting my spirits. Except that I was a little homesick for Florida the rest of the day. Oh well.

Other than that, I didn’t do a whole lot the rest of the day. It was a chill day—the kids all played with friends, I didn’t really cook or clean, just filtered through music and tried to untangle my thoughts on paper and decide what I want to do with my life. That’s a lot easier than it sounds.


I took a nap with my Amarillo Blanket.


Not only is this the most comfortable thing in the world, but it was given to me by a complete stranger. The version of the story that I got was that some first-responder person put it on me while I was waiting for the life flight people to get there. Now, honestly, why someone would think to put a blanket on me when I’m bloody and broken and lying on the road in the hot desert sun, I have no idea. But maybe there was some valid medical reason. Maybe there wasn’t. It doesn’t really matter. Because once it was cleaned and folded and returned to me it didn’t matter what had happened. It’s just another token of how much people—even complete strangers—have taken care of us and how I’m clearly being watched over.

Monday evening was a picnic in the park with a hundred people, some that we knew and some that we didn’t.


I knew her.

I made pasta.


I also didn’t bring plates or forks. Being quite the problem solver, I took my cues from the nearest one year old and started eating straight out of the bowl with my fingers. No wonder I have no friends here…


My inspiration:


I even got my mom to eat the same way. Success.


[P.S. isn’t her outfit cute? She’s way more hip and trendy than I am]

After satisfying the eating/socializing requirements, the boys darted off to play sports. IMG-20110905-03081IMG-20110905-03082

And Aria and her friends did some unreal gymnastics tricks. Those girls are freaks.


Then I decided I’d had too much fun for one day so I sat in the grass and watched everyone else run around.


I sat with my head resting in the crook of my arm listening to adults talk and kids laugh and shout.


I watched people play sports and chase each other and play games and I watched babies crawl on their feet instead of their knees, bums up in the air, to avoid the scratchy grass.


Eventually I got up and tried to interact with other humans. I tried to play volleyball and…I think I should have just stayed on the ground. I’ve never been good at volleyball, but clearly whatever athletic ability I had before the accident was lost. 

When the adults were all talked out they went to painstaking efforts to pull the children away from each other, ending games and interrupting competitions. Kenyan and Aria were sad to leave all their friends and Jace didn’t even come home with us; he opted to go for ice cream with his friends.IMG-20110905-03100

I guess this is home now. It’s a pretty good one, too.



Some clarification, because I’ve been getting a lot of questions: We live in Texas now. We were never moving to Utah. We were headed to Vegas originally, but have decided to stay here for a while. So we’re Texans now.




[That is not anyone I know, for the record. Just a shirt my mom saw and thought I needed a picture of. We’re not that Texan yet. But give it time…]

[Title from Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5]


  1. make me smile! :-)

  2. BRID! YOU BOUGHT SOME PANTS!! I DONT THINK I HAVE EVER SEEN YOU WERE PANTS=D sorry not yelling, just not paying attention! love ya!!

  3. so.. I have figured out what you need to do when you grow up.

    Open a restaurant with me. Yes I just found your future for you, aren't I considerate?

    But seriously... maybe when were all old and retired... ;)

    Love this post, and now you're making ME homesick for Texas and it has been almost 10 years since I lived there.

  4. When I saw all you guys fitting in the car, I had the same thought :/ I know its not the same but its like when my older brother went to college and we were able to fit in the car too. :[

  5. HOWDY!!! Love reading your blog Bridian, can't wait to see ya, maybe we could go running when u get here!

  6. Bridian, you're so pretty. Miss you!<3

  7. Hahaha! Did you do the bend and snap for the UPS guy? You all look great!

  8. brought me back to those "fun times" playing volleyball at PHS. lol :) glad to hear that everything is going so well.
    p.s.-the 'howdy' shirt cracked me up.

  9. You guys look like you are having fun in Texas. I wish I could be there and see you guys, but that is what I wish, but hey, I should stop being self-centered, and be happy for you guys, you are settling in okay. Remember don't let anyone or anything get you down. If it does happen think about our Lord and Savior. That will always do the trick, if not, listen to music and focus on the good in your life. That always works for me. :) Anyway, you should check out my blog at There is a tribute to Jada on there, for which I regret that it is so short. Welp, have fun.

  10.'re going to FL? When? That will be a great trip for you! I miss you...maybe you could swing up to UT on your way back???

  11. Dang Girl! You're pasta looks delic!! Winter Semester we are having cooking parties!!! ;)

  12. Hey you may be no good at volleyball, but you're probably still better than me! Remember that time you guys kidnapped me and Ben to go play volleyball? xD good times!

  13. Howdy Bridiaaaaan. :) Aria has cool friends. I like them more and more with every post about them.