we’ll never get bored

Guess what. I’m going to Florida in 12 days!! This is how I know:


That, my friends, is a paper chain above the computer, counting down the days until my departure. Every time I think about it my heart swells with excitement to see people and places that have signified home and comfort and familiarity for so long.  But that’s not really what I was going to write about. Ha.

Last week I was reading the paper while eating my breakfast [I do that now because I’m an adult and that’s what adults do] and saw something in the local section about a free concert at a nearby college. I wasn’t too interested in it until I saw that Hawk Nelson was playing. Hawk Nelson is kind of a big deal in my family. Kind of a LOT. And this concert just happened to be the only free concert of the tour. Um, what? We’ll take it.

We are super cool. Even when we live in a little city in the middle of nowhere we still find things to do that we love.IMG-20110907-00585

Though the concert was listed in the local section of the paper, it was definitely not what I would call a local event. It was over an hour away in a place we’d never been to. It would have been hard enough finding it under normal circumstances but…well, when are things ever normal for my family? We were driving down the highway when—out of nowhere—the highway ended. Just ended. No big deal. Thank heavens for GPS!


See, normally the road goes straight here. But Wednesday it decided to curve around. Just to keep things interesting.

The long drive was a bit too much for some people to handle.


It started raining right as we got there [remember, rain is a big deal in Texas]!!! We ran inside the building and I felt the little bit of hesitation I feel when going into unfamiliar situations. I really hate strangers, and we were running into a building full of thousands of them.


Concerts are the ultimate people-watching venue. I think they’re a step above airports. This is the only place I’m aware of where people forget about keeping up appearances. They truly dance as if no one’s watching. They sing like they’re alone in the shower. And they take pride in acting like straight up fools, throwing decorum to the wind and ignoring normal social practices. IMG-20110907-00552

This crowd was particularly interesting. There were a lot of fascinating outfits and characteristics. The half of the crowd that didn’t look like they’d gotten dressed in the dark were all wearing running clothes. It’s a little weird to me, but apparently that’s the trend here. People—girls especially—like to wear t-shirts, athletic shorts, and sneakers everywhere they go. Concerts are no exception.


There really wasn’t a very big crowd, which are my favorite concerts to attend. I don’t know why those types of concerts are the most enjoyable to me, but they are.


Oh yeah, there was a part where Hawk Nelson invited the people closest to the stage to hop up and join them. Pretty cool. We aren’t up there though, so don’t bother looking. I was just content to sit in the seats and watch the green and blue lights flash, illuminating the band members from behind, silhouetting them into deep shades of black.

And when I wasn’t doing that, I was on Jace’s shoulders [at his request], singing the words at the top of my lungs and fist pumping like a champ. Because I’m one of the strange strangers who releases my inhibitions at concerts. IMG-20110907-00015


At the end of the night when the band left the stage there was a short round of applause followed quickly by silence and a rapid emptying of the room. It was probably the worst crowd ever. They clearly didn’t know about the unspoken applause-for-an-encore deal. Luckily Hawk Nelson decided to come back on anyway.475

Dressed like Journey. Singing Don’t Stop Believin’.  I was excited.IMG-20110907-569

After the concert we went upstairs to meet them. The managers said the band would be out in fifteen minutes. Thirty seven minutes later they arrived. They signed stuff for each of us, but what we really wanted was a picture of the band. The frumpy, grumpy manager in man capris said we couldn’t because the line was too long. Except that we were the only ones in line (like I said, small concert, pathetic fans). So the bassist named Dan snuck away and took pictures with us. He’s cool. IMG-20110907-21



Do you like my shirt?


And by that I mean to say “Do you like my totally myspace style picture?”

Well I like it (the shirt, not the picture). Partially because it’s cool and partially because it was free. That’s right—free. Now not everyone got free shirts…they just had a guy standing at the door instructed to give them to the concert goers who looked exceptionally fun and/or attractive. Naturally, I got one and wore it with pride.

We spent the long ride home listening to all of their music again and recapping highlights and favorite parts. The night was a success.


I’m off to have some grand adventures this weekend. Not sure yet what they will be, but whatever they are, I’m sure they’ll be riveting and exciting. :)

[Title from California by Hawk Nelson]


  1. Well, you certainly sound like you had fun. And by all means, Lubbock Texas is not a small town. It's at least three times bigger than Rigby. Just saying that you do NOT live in a small town. :) Anyway, we are set in stone we are going to Texas this year, November and December, not on the way there, but most likely on the way back. But I will let you know before we leave. Keep up the good blogging. Thanks,
    Brae den

  2. I agree, small concerts are the best. My sister in-law introduced me to Hawk Nelson a few years ago and I think they totally rock! What a fun family night.

  3. Man, I wish we had free concerts... I'm glad you had fun! And I totally love your free shirt. :) ♥

  4. hahahahaha I definitely LOVE people watching and love how you described the concert goers. So true! I have seen so many crazies at concerts...and sad day they didn't even cheer for the encore. Do they know anything!? :) Also love the myspace pic :) and the free shirt, which you obviously got because you're both fun and attractive :) needless to say you're really great! Miss your face! and so happy slash excited for you to go to Florida!

  5. Small concerts are the best!

  6. Your captions crack me up. :)