just walk away

Remember how our friends live around the corner from us? Well one day I needed to borrow sour cream for them to finish making a cheesecake that I was making for my mom [because I am a wonderful daughter].

I rounded the corner, tossing the sour cream from hand to hand, flipping it up in the air, loving the weather [that is finally cooling off!] and the sunshine and enjoying being happy. I kept flinging it up and thinking about how much it would suck if I dropped it. But don’t worry—I didn’t. I kept playing noticing how beautiful the sky was and how cool it looked to have the sour cream suspended in the air against the azure sky. I decided to take a picture.


Isn’t that a cool picture? I was so caught up in the beauty of the flying sour cream that I forgot to catch it.



IMG-20110920-00449   Flying sour cream turned exploding sour cream.

Blonde moment #98758.

But the cheesecake turned out really well!


I’ll be back tomorrow with some real stories. Until then just enjoy laughing at my air headedness.

[Title from Cracks by Freestylers]


  1. man i have crazy cravings after babies....i MUST EAT THAT ASAP. yum.... we need to have a bake fest next time you are here

  2. Hmmm...i didn't seem to get a piece of that delicious looking cheesecake. ??

  3. I'm literally cracking up reading this post. Thanks for making my day. :)