who knew

okay so I got into another car accident. blah blah blah.

[this is how I feel right now. not even using capital letters.]

this accident was different. it didn’t make me change my perspective on life. I didn’t come anywhere near to “seeing my life flash before my eyes”. been there, done that. this was one where I just sat on the curb [slightly in hysterics] cursing and feeling guilty that I’d just killed our car that we’ve had for a grand total of, what….three months?931

it wasn't my fault. I was driving down a major road and some guy in a truck pulled out and rammed the tail end of my car. we spun around a few times and skidded backwards over a curb, just barely hitting a fence before stopping.427

everyone was okay. I was relieved because I was wiggin’ out, expecting more severe injuries. all I got was a nasty burn on my arm from the airbags deploying. I even got my cd out of the cd player before the car was towed. win win.672

im glad that I’m alive. im glad that it wasn’t a bad accident at all. I just can’t believe I got into another accident. ‘cuz the last one wasn’t bad enough….

[insert jokes about me never getting in a car again here.]

the end.

[title from bought for a song by fountains of wayne]


  1. This scares me. Take care of yourself of Bridian! I'm glad your safe, too. :)