you’re my chemical

This week has taken forever to be over. I spent a large majority of the past few days talking to insurance adjustors and giving statements and  case numbers and doing things that should be reserved for a real grownup—not me. The good news is that our car was deemed a complete loss and the insurance company gave us a fat check for it. The better news is that the check was about $4,000 more than we thought it would be. Holla! Also there have been a few random occasions where I have slight panic attacks being in cars. It’s pretty weird. Not uncalled for, but still weird.

And now it’s time for another episode of people here are wonderful. We had a repeat of the night of green beans. Except this time it was pumpkins. Hellooooo fall.


Some of these have already been cut up, cooked, and turned into pumpkin pies. We don’t waste any time.


Part two: we walked outside one evening to find decorative pumpkins on our doorstep, accompanied by the most adorable towel that was clearly crafted by hand (well technically I guess it was a sewing machine, but you get the point).



People here are unreal.

In other news, I’ve been getting my Halloween costume ready, since it’s debuting tomorrow at Kenyan’s Halloween party. It necessitated the purchasing of red lipstick. Ummmm I think I must have missed this lesson growing up. How do girls know which color to buy? Are they just innately born knowing which one to get? There are hundreds of brands and shades and types. It’s all very confusing. I mostly closed my eyes and grabbed one at random. We’ll see how well it lasts.


We have more friends coming into town tonight, so it promises to be an exciting and adventure filled few days. Happy weekend!


[Title from Dance Dance Christina Paffgen by Anberlin]


  1. Love your lipstick! Love the towel! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I'll be coming to see you in less than a week!

  2. I wish I was coming into to town to taste some of your pumpkin pie. I have never had a piece of pie that hasn't made me gag. I'm traveling all the way up to Amish country on Saturday because I hear they make the best pumpkin pie ever. We'll see. I'm sure yours is better. I'm also not a fan of Thanksgiving dinner. But, Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love pumpkins!!!

  3. p.s. - The red looks good on you. I'm just guessing you are going to be a pirate for Halloween. It seems like an appropriate color for a pirate. Or, maybe it's just the striped shirt that is throwing me off. Either way, it's a good look for you. :)

  4. 1. I loveeeee the lipstick. I'm super jealous that you can pick something like that at random and pull it off.
    2. I'm also jealous that you have friends who bring you delicious food.