all I need

my body hurts. you're going to have to forgive the lack of capital letters in this post as it’s hard to hold down the shift key.

yesterday I had two surgeries done: I had a metal plate anchored to my stubborn, non-healing collarbone with six screws and then I had a bubble of air cut out of my wrist {I’m sure there’s a more technical term}. so my right shoulder and wrist are wrapped in bandages and the whole arm is in a sling. the interesting thing is that the only parts of my body that are in pain are my left hand {where they inserted an IV the size of a small cannon} and my throat {where they inserted a tube that did the breathing for me while I was temporarily paralyzed}. IMG-20111212-02267IMG-20111212-02269

the whole thing was relatively easy. well, for me anyway. it was oddly therapeutic to be back in the hospital—back in the sterile, structured environment where I was never left unattended. this stay was much easier {and much shorter} than my last encounter with the hospital. and luckily I already know what I need to recuperate; I’ve got my v-necks, my cold weather running pants {warmer and easier to put on than sweats or leggings}, netflix, and a perfectly timed care package from Hawaii.


plus I have enough pain killers to knockout a small army. it helps me sleep, but only two hours at a time. which means that I wake up in the middle of the night with “yodeling veterinarian of the alps” stuck in my head. so I share the joy with others.IMG-20111213-02271

I was released from the hospital just in time for the voorhies’ annual christmas-donut-making party. I'm sure I was the life of the party, staggering in and deliriously telling my surgery story like a drunken sailor {minus the swearing}. luckily most everyone in attendance were people that I loved. thanks for nodding and smiling as though I was a normal person. thanks to everyone that’s come by to check on me. thanks to everyone that’s expressed concern through facebook/calls/texts {even though my cell doesn’t work, so I can’t reply}. thanks to the sky for being foggy and misty so that I can curl up on the couch and watch white collar without the sun blinding me. thanks to all the old men around here that step up and take care of me and make me miss my dad a little less and a little more all at the same time. thanks to the soft collar around my neck that makes me look stupid and gives me a nice double chin but makes it way easier to sleep sitting up. and a huge thanks to rich and angie and my mom for making this all happen. you guys rock.

mostly you, mom.P5100215

[title from sunday morning by maroon 5]


  1. Glad you are feeling ok after all that! But my question is, how did a bubble of air get under your skin??

  2. Wow, getting hurt again? I can now see why you and Britney are best friends..... No offense intended. Hope you are doing well, and how did you manage to get a bubble of air under your skin. Glad you are doing better and feeling well. There is a possibility that we will comes visit you guys, but its still in the ball park. Have fun!

  3. oh Brid,
    how I love you. your attitude of gratitude (as my mother so lovingly calls it) is such an example to me.

    also, that throat tube is THE worst! It gave me an ear and throat infection I am still not over.

    Surgery is not an easy ordeal, I hope you feel better soon. You are fantastic my dear.

  4. Great post, loved the ending. the Last picture is a really good one too:) Heal quickly.

  5. Man I love that girl!