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Oh dang. It’s December. And I only blogged once in November. That’s weird. I didn’t realize how long I’d gone without blogging until I saw my name on someone else’s blog list saying my last post was over three weeks ago. How embarrassing.

November’s been good. Exciting things have been happening. The first, and most important, being that after eighteen long months from hell Alyssa is finally home from Portugal!


We rounded up all of our friends and took the tiny airport by storm, sprinting in to wait as close to the rotating door as possible. Her flight ended up being delayed by about 15 minutes. THE LONGEST FIFTEEN MINUTES OF MY LIFE.286



The first five minutes were a little weird. Like we’d been apart for a year and a half or something. But after that things went back to normal and we’ve resumed our usual traditions of running around doing dumb things.


The week before Alyssa got home I was in Florida. It was lovely. It was relaxing and peaceful and I got everything that I wanted out of it (including a little bit of sun!). IMG-20111119-01829

This trip was a little calmer than the last trip. I didn’t get to see as many people (sorry!), but it was more nostalgic than the last time I was there.


Like this pool. Jada and I used to come swimming here before she went to school. Except we usually couldn’t find the key so we had to hop the fence. And we used to get $5 pizzas and bring them here with a million friends and go swimming until it was really late. Like 9 pm or something crazy. Ha. You know how in the movies people see memories from the past in their head as though they’re happening in the present? Well maybe I was a little sleep deprived or overly hopeful but I swear I’d look at the pool and see my siblings running around playing tag or all the million little kids holding onto the wall while playing jailbreak. Maybe the sun was starting to fry my brain a little.IMG-20111116-01682

I sort of pretended that I still lived there, trying to convince myself that I wasn’t just there on vacation. Which made it a little easier to not be mad when it rained all day one day. It was still a glorious day. Rainy Florida is just as enjoyable as sunny Florida.IMG-20111119-01832

I love the skies all overcast. I love that it feels cozy and it makes it completely acceptable to stay inside and bake cookies and play totally useless games on my iPod.IMG-20111119-01833


I did a lot of seemingly insignificant things that meant a lot to me. I spent time with people that I love. I drove around taking pictures of palm trees. I watched some people get arrested. I watched the sunset. I had Pollo. And I went to the beach. That was really all I wanted.IMG-20111120-01859IMG-20111120-01866IMG-20111117-01792IMG-20111120-01872IMG-20111120-01875

It was confirmed in my brain that Florida will always be home. It’ll always be the best place on earth, full of really awesome people.


Yeah, it’s really humid there. People aren’t particularly nice, especially when they’re driving. It’s hot and muggy and expensive and it’s got some really ghetto places and a lot of really sucky things happened to me while I was there. But Florida apologizes for all of that with the intense blue skies, the seventy-degree winters, the stately pam trees lining every road and sidewalk, the ever welcoming, ever calming beaches.IMG-20111117-01786IMG-20111119-01812IMG-20111119-01809

I almost forgot to be excited about seeing the Hyatt Extreme Christmas house. And then I saw the countdown sign and was excited. Annnnnnd then when I drove by later I found out that the lights don’t turn on until after Thanksgiving, when I’d be back in Texas. Fail.


Either way, it was a glorious trip.

And now I’m home. We had Thanksgiving dinner at the party barn where I spent the evening running around with 14 year olds, because I will never be more mature than them.

And then it was Black Friday. And instead of apathetically sleeping the way I usually would, I was working. Yuck. It was just as not-fun as I thought it would be. I was checking my watch and yawning as some lady asked me which jeans would look best on her and in my head I was all “Seriously? I’m just gonna pretend it’s normal that it’s 4:30 in the morning and we’re both at the mall helping you find clothes”. It was a little surreal. And a lot weird. But I survived. Between that weird work-during-the-night thing and the influence of my jet-lagged sister, sleeping around here has been really off—off as in we sleep during the day and hang out during the night. Which is cool. I guess.

So I think that sums it up. My life is all kinds of exciting. Today I fixed the dishwasher with a turkey baster and scraped cat feces off of our garage floor. But that is a good story for another day.

And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, 5 things I’m grateful for today:

1. Apple slices and warm caramel dip

2. Netflix on my iPod

3. The fact that my closet is big enough to sleep in [sometimes it’s the only quiet place in the house]

4. Ryan Key and Adam Levine

5. I have been accident free for 49 days! holla! ha.

[Title from Count on Me by Matt Kearney]


  1. I love your background. :) We'll visit you soon! ♥

  2. It's about time woman!! An enjoyable read. Glad u had fun in Florida but Texas is now ur home!!!

  3. What's weird is that I can't "Like" this blog post. Why has blogger not caught up with facebook yet? I mean, come on, they had 18 months...

  4. (This is Cherisse again.) Darkwing duck, I just tried to "like" your comment.