stealing salt

It’s 24 degrees and snowing outside.IMG-20111205-02119I feel like that should bother me more than it does. This snowy weather business must be messing with my head. This morning it was twelve degrees [purely painful] and by the afternoon it’d warmed up to thirty-two. I kicked off my coat and my shoes and rolled the windows down because it felt warm. ummmm what? Remember when I lived in Florida and had to put on a hoodie when it fell below seventy? Yeah…IMG-20111205-02111IMG-20111205-02107IMG-20111205-02105

In all honesty, as fun as it is to gripe about the cold, I’m really enjoying it. I love the novelty of snow. IMG-20111205-02118

Ummm about that bale of hay…Alyssa and I found it…in the dumpster. Don’t’ worry about it.

I love that the kids’ schools started two hours late today and I got the day off of work because of the weather. I love the way the cold gets my heart pumping and makes me energetic and happy. I love seeing the girls come in from playing in the snow with bright red noses and cheeks, excitedly carrying the joy from the snow into our cozy little house.IMG-20111205-02125IMG-20111205-02126

I love seeing them all bundled up in layers of long sleeves and fluffiness. It never fails to remind me of the scene in A Christmas Story where Randy is bundling up. You know, where he can't put his arms down? Sometimes I make Aria say that line, just for fun. IMG-20111202-01994

I love that people bring us wood for our fire and packets of hot chocolate mix to go with it. It made for the perfect December evening; girls shaking snow off their coats and putting their boots by the fire, changing into warm pajamas and sipping hot coca and peppermint tea while we have Family Home Evening. IMG-20111205-02129

It’s not always going to be this perfect, but I know well enough to appreciate it when it is. IMG-20111205-02124

Oh, are you wondering what that ball of fur in her arms is?


That is Cat.


Cat has several other names. She had a collar on when Kenyan found her, declaring her name as Phaloneus. Yep. [Side note: just for the record, we tried calling the number but it was disconnected and there’s no other information on it. We’re not just hijacking a neighbor’s cat.] Kenyan didn’t like that name. So she named her Bella.


I refuse to call her Bella (both due to the Twilight reference and the fact that the girls insist on pronouncing it with an accent—Bèll-ah), and am even less willing to call her “my sweet kitty”. Thus the name Cat, which is now how everyone in my family affectionately refers to her.IMG-20111129-01971

For those who are wondering—yes, I am still REALLY allergic to cats. So Cat lives in the garage, in spite of her relentless attempts to run inside every time the house door is open.

Cat has a nice cozy bed which Kenyan lovingly crafted with a spare moving box and all the love in her heart.IMG-20111126-01958

Cat’s presence is fleeting—she’s a free spirit that comes and goes as she pleases. Usually every time we open the garage to pull the car out she runs away, causing mass mayhem as everyone runs around the block trying to catch her and bring her back. It’s ridiculous, but Kenyan loves Cat and it’s worth all the craziness to keep her happy. IMG-20111124-01955

Cat hates pictures.


Even if it means I spend my mornings cleaning cat feces off the garage floor. Good times.IMG-20111201-01987


This picture is a result of the cool reflection of the water on the garage ceiling and my odd desire to photograph everything in the world.

I realize that it’s only the sixth day of the month, but December is already shaping up to be a good one. As much as I miss the hot and humid Christmases past where I just had to pretend it was cold outside, I have to admit that low temperatures, overcast skies, and snow sprinkled rooftops really make it seem a little more magical.IMG-20111204-02100

It makes me really excited for Christmas. I’m a little worried about how this Christmas is going to be, as it’s the first Christmas without my dad and without Jada. Having the snow, the happiness, and all the loving people around us is going to make it all a little easier.


And, as always, not wearing shoes makes every day FANTASTIC! SNOW WILL NEVER CHANGE THAT


[Title from Salt Skin by Ellie Goulding]


  1. In breakfast at tiffanys Audrey hepburn named her cat 'cat' because he didn't belong to her and she didn't belong to him. :)

  2. Your line about your dad and Jada made me tear up. I hope you feel the love of all those near and far. I have no doubt that you went to the Christmas devotional (because I know you are super righteous like me!) I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about Jenga and how even though sometimes the blocks fall down and things don't turn out how we planned we still can feel the spirit of Christmas and of our Savior's love! I love snow although after January I am pretty much done with it and hoping it will pass quickly!

  3. This is Cherisse on Catherine's account (logging her out would take too much effort)... I LOVE that you call your cat Cat. I call my dog Dog! He also has a thousand names (Cheese, Rice, Daisy, Joan of Bark, the list goes on), but Dog is the one that stuck. Love reading your blog and love YOU!
    <3 Cherisse

  4. I forgot I wasn't on facebook and "<3" wouldn't work.

  5. You are funny and witty, and so are your friends. Joan of Bark. I love that name for a dog. :)