too young to care

Okay guys. I know we all know that I’m immature. This is just a manifestation of that.

Last night when I shouldn’t have been online, but was, I came across upsexy.


Annnnd of course, I thought it was hilarious. The bad news is that I was in a situation where I was supposed to be quietly paying attention. But I wasn’t. So. That made it even funnier. It turned into an eyes-watering-shoulder-shaking disaster. Naturally, I decided to try it out on my friends.


Some people are just too accustomed to outsmarting me.


Some people fell for it.


Some people really fell for it.



Some people just SUCK.Screen_20111206_214410

Of course, I had to try it on my family members.

My mom knows me too well…Screen_20111206_212146

And Jace totally fell for it.


Here’s are my conclusions:

-People think I’m dumb and they’re right

-Upsexy makes for great entertainment

-I probably need a life

[Title from Haight Street by Anberlin]

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  1. Thanks for a fantastic laugh last night!! The joke was on us. I was completely clueless. To think we were just trying to figure out something nice to get your mom for Christmas and you threw the "upsexy" on us. I think you may get a lump of coal for Christmas.