when we wake up

GUESS WHAT Christmas is 12 minutes away! Cue the million “Merry Christmas” texts from numbers that I don’t even know.

This morning we woke up and it was snowing! I love snow. It’s fantastic. [Except for when I saw that car go over the guard rail and off the highway into a ditch. Didn’t love that]. Snow makes Christmas seem more legit, more unique and exciting. Like the sky’s acknowledging that something must be different about this weekend.

We had to bundle up everywhere we went and were especially thankful for friends that bring us firewood.IMG-20111224-02358



Today everything seemed Christmas-y—from the overcast snowy skies to my glittery red nail polish. I finished my Christmas shopping [Alyssa and I officially spent way too much] and got everything all wrapped up. Not to brag or anything, but I really don’t suck at wrapping presents. That’s one thing my mom did a really good job of teaching me.


We went to a Christmas Eve Lunch. It was absolutely splendid. We piled out of the car, ran through the falling snow, and kicked off our boots and coats, discarding them into the pile. I ate like it was Thanksgiving, curled up in a chair and promptly fell asleep.IMG-20111224-02353IMG-20111224-02354IMG-20111224-02357

It was absolutely magical.IMG-20111224-02355

Later this evening we opened our Christmas Eve presents, made a fire, and roasted poblanos for our Mexican Christmas Dinner tomorrow. IMG-20111224-02366

When in Rome”, I guess…


After watching A Christmas Story and some Charlie Brown Christmas clips, dancing to Party Rock Anthem, and some Jenga-planking fails, we all decided we wanted Whataburger. We bundled up and braved the blizzard (slight exaggeration) to go to the greasy fast food place only to find out it was CLOSED. We’re talking 8:40 at night, lights off-doors locked-cars-gone nonsense. Everything was closed. No, really. Even Wal-Mart was closed. I didn’t know it was capable of closing. Alyssa and I were really missing our Jew/Atheist population in South Florida that kept stores open on Christmas Day. Anyway, we had to make the best of things. So we did.


I am seriously excited for tomorrow. I love it when I think I have good gifts to give people; I’m more excited about those than actually getting any gifts tomorrow.

And I’m totally stoked that we have a real chimney for Santa to come down. Bring it, Santa.

[Title from Utopia by Yacht]


  1. Merry Christmas, Bridian! You are the gift that keeps on giving, by way of your writing. Thank you for making me laugh, smile, cry and put my life into perspective. Reading your blogs is like having Christmas all year 'round. BTW, it's rather balmy here in South Florida. No snow and no chimney for Santa to find his way down, but he can shed his boots and go barefoot in the sand.
    Would love to see you one of the times you visit FtL.
    Please tell your family that I am thinking of them.
    Ms. Turner

  2. I'm envious that you had snow on Christmas. It was one of my wishes this year. We had nothing but a sunny cold day. It's just not the same without snow. I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas, that Alyssa is home with you, and that you are wearing glittery red nail polish. Miss you guys. Happy New Year!