simpler days

It’s snowing outside. It’s so weird that I can say that and that I actually like it.IMG-20120123-02509

{The view from my window, including a Narnia style lamp post}

I’d anticipated snow creating in me the excitement that I’ve always seen in movies—that the sight of snow would bring high-spirited cheer, and that the sound of jingle bells and children laughing would follow me wherever I went. Gratefully that’s not been the case. Snow seems to fall slowly, gently blanketing the sidewalks, cars, and roof tops. The novelty of it hasn’t worn off yet and probably never will. I love waking up every morning and looking out the window to see the way my little world has changed overnight. I love excitedly scanning the outdoors for all the traces people unintentionally leave in the snow—the footprints, the dry ground where a car used to be, and sometimes big areas of disturbed snow where people have obviously fallen down. Ha. Everything about the snow is fascinating. From the delicately balanced piles of snow resting on the impossibly skinny branches of trees to the crunching sounds it makes when cars try to forage their way across. Today was an absolutely ideal snow day: I woke up around nine to a grey, overcast sky, observed my morning routine of snow-watching [sometimes referred to as staring out the window with naive wonder and fascination], and went about my day only to find that my class was cancelled. Of course, I was already dressed and on campus at the time…but it’s the thought that counts, right?

And trust me. Getting dressed and leaving my house when it’s cold outside is quite a feat. I really don’t know how to dress warmly. Evidently neither does my roommate, based on our mutual decision to use scarves as decoration rather than to keep our bodies warm and trendy.


There is one exception—my orange coat.IMG-20120123-02505

It made its debut in Paris where my mom and I spent the weekend scoping out the Eiffel tower, frog legs, and French boys {okay, that one was mostly me}. 18051_445326270620_886405620_10968222_1305518_n

That was its first and only appearance, as living in Florida and Hawaii doesn’t lend itself to cozy, down-filled coats. Luckily it’s freezing here and this coat has become my new best friend—complete with cozy pockets for my hands and my iPod and a fur lined hood to keep me looking like a lion.

My roommate and I had a glorious weekend. We found a vacuum on Saturday and were both equally delighted at the possibilities {I'm telling you, this was a match made in heaven}. We spent the majority of Saturday pushing furniture into new locations, finding mildly repulsive treasures both underneath and in the cushions. We filled up the vacuum multiple times with vomit inducing amounts of dirt and hair—I’m honestly not sure that our apartment or our bedroom has ever been vacuumed before. Later that night we collapsed on our finally clean floor, sweaty and exhausted and completely satisfied. Everything in our apartment had been rearranged and reorganized, and our carpets looked a completely different color. It was completely gratifying, the way unpacking or cooking {even when it’s all night long} always makes me feel at peace with my life.

All our efforts left our beds creatively pushed up against the window and the rest of the room empty and spacious. IMG-20120123-02501

[For the record, our beds are made in this picture. “Making the bed” consists of picking the blanket up off the floor and making sure our respective stuffed animals are on the appropriate bed. It’s efficient and functional. And we’re all about efficient and functional.]


{Angry Bird c/o Kenyan!}

The new arrangement leaves my bed next to the window, in the perfect position to spring up and clamber over to scope out the snow every morning. IMG-20120123-02502

It is also really convenient to lay there and stealthily scope out people as they’re unknowingly walking past my building being my entertainment. Yep, that’s right. I moved my bed for a better angle for people watching. Cuz that’s how I roll.

It’s been interesting to notice how the weather changes the way I perceive things. My life is blissfully unexciting right now; I wake up, go to school, study at the library, scope out the boys, come home, fall asleep, and do it all over again. On normal, semi-sunny days I sometimes struggle with needing to do more, needing to do more fulfilling or adventurous things. But when it’s dark and snowy my life feels quaint and cozy and it feels completely acceptable to do homework while watching TV with my roommates—as though it’s noble of us to sit around and try to figure out just why the Kardashians are so famous.


So naturally, I find myself joining the skiers and snowboarders as they hope for dropping temperatures, piles of fresh powder, and curse the sunny skies. It’s completely out of character for me, I know. We’ll see how long it lasts :)

[Title from Hollywood by Cute Is What We Aim For]


  1. I love your blog! I'm always amazed that the snow piles up on the smallest twig! I love our warm Florida winters, but you make me long for a little change. =D

  2. All this snow must be quite a change for a girl used to tropical weather. Don't worry, you get used to it after a while.

  3. I love your blog! Love the snow pics and the angry bird hahahha!!!

    found you from living yellow!!! your newest follower

    follow me back? XOXO