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My life is awesome. I’m pretty much famous.

Because something I wrote ended up on this blog. Holla!

The rest of my life is equally stellar. It’s included things like hot dog parties, birthday boys, and lots of time spent straightening my hair. At least, that’s what the pictures on my phone would indicate.


{Hot dogs can actually be good if you bury them with random combinations of sides and assorted toppings}


{This party was perfect—Party Rock Anthem and Soulja Boy on repeat. All night. It doesn’t get any better than that}


{There’s really no point to this picture…it was just in an effort to return to taking pictures of literally everything. I think I’m getting there.}

The pictures on my phone also indicate that my apartment building is slightly obnoxious. Don’t get me wrong—the apartment is fairly new and fairly inexpensive, which is a pretty rare combination. There are just a few drawbacks. For example. Someone decided once that it would be a good idea to paint the walls blinding shades of yellow and orange.


I mean I see how this idea could look good on paper; “let’s make the walls BRIGHT and FUN so that people are EXCITED JUST TO WALK DOWN THE STAIRS!!!”. But translated to real life…not so great. IMG-20120127-02518 

That’s the stairwell, kids. I’ll tell you what, I’ve come to HATE the color orange. Especially Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7:30 am when I’m heading to school. I hate the color orange almost as much as I hate life. (I’m not a morning person, in case this was unclear)

Another exciting-yet-not-fun part of my life is the light in my bathroom. It’s broken. We’re waiting for the maintenance men to fix it, but it’s taking FOR.EVER.


{this is our light at its absolute brightest}

Which means that my roommate and I have two choices: shower in the dark or shower with the door open. We’ve taken to leaving the door open. I think it takes our friendship to a newer, more intimate level.

We’re at the point now where I can leave her love notes on the toilet paper. So I do:IMG-20120125-02513

{I think I’m going to start drawing these on random toilet paper rolls in bathrooms and gas stations. People just don’t understand how funny I am sometimes.}

Another awkward thing about my apartment building is the location of our mailbox.IMG-20120127-02519

[I don’t know why that bicycle is covered with a blanket. It has been since the day I moved in. I guess it’s a Utah thing?]

The mailbox is on the right, and on the left is a hot tub. I guess a hot tub is pretty sweet, but the location can be awkward. I usually check the mail at night, and the hot tub is usually occupied. Which is okay. But what’s not okay when it’s a group of guys in the hot tub and one of them [who happened to be wearing a Speedo] tries to persuade me {and every other girl that walks past} to join them. And let me tell you…homeboy doesn’t take no for an answer.

It’s also super awkward when I open the mailbox and it’s empty, and all the guys in the hot tub try to convince me that if I want to start getting mail, I need to hang out with them. IMG-20120127-02521

And I wanna be all “guys…no girl is that desperate for mail”. And then I stick my hands in my pocket and try to walk carefully across the icy pavement back to the warm building, silently praying that I don’t slip and fall. I’m sure homeboy in the Speedo would love that.

More things that make my life magnificent:

-Putting tiny kids into tiny lockers.

IMG-20120120-02493 Which is only a fun experience until you shut the door and pretend to walk away and they start screaming bloody murder and kicking the door. I mean, that’s only hypothetical. I'd never actually try that…IMG-20120120-02496

-Brilliantly white buildings illuminated perfectly against a rich blue sky just after the sun has set.IMG-20120128-02536

-Men ice skating with babies on their feet


This experience is made twice as fun when you and your friend are trying to get a picture of the man and the baby. Pretty sure me and my friend totally looked like creepers—two twenty year old girls following a married man around an ice skating rink awkwardly bent over wielding our cell phones trying to get non blurry pictures. But it was worth it to capture this picture. [This is hard evidence of my argument that blogging can be awkward]

-Going behind the scenes {backstage/underground/floor seats} at a U of U basketball game. IMG-20120112-02477

Because I know cool people.


-This building, which makes me want to major in business just so that I can go to school here.


-Valentines Day. Not that I’m excited for the holiday, but I’m excited that our apartment is festive.IMG-20120127-02523

Someone who was really on the ball already sent me a killer Valentines Day care package {which I’ve already opened, even though it’s still January}.IMG-20120127-02529

And the best part is that it included a pair of warm, fuzzy socks, bringing my warm, fuzzy sock count up to three. IMG-20120127-02533

-My sweet kicks:


-And this:


Which really needs no explanation.    

[Title from Boys of Summer by the Ataris]


  1. Reading this post makes me sad you don't live here anymore.. Come visit someday! I thought you were way cool before another blog posted about you. (that is totally awesome by-the-way)

  2. hi friend. so you have to come visit me when i move to texas. we can be awkward together and take awkward photos and then blog about it. :) (Love your awkward guest blogging post).