fascination makes us sound

I had big plans for today. Really, I did.IMG-20120219-02903 Those plans were significantly reduced when I woke up it was snowing and cold and overcast.IMG-20120219-02905  

And then all of my classes were cancelled (miraculous coincidence). Which meant sweats and socks and blankets and endless TV series marathons. I wish every day could be like today.

Snow days are excellent opportunities to do nothing but sit and reflect on all the adventures I’ve had. Documenting the little everyday things that make my life exciting—like house sitting and dog watching and car driving. Like making pies and listening to music. Like going hot tubbing with Bri and Pony. It was actually snowing while we were in the hot tub, making the whole experience significantly surreal. I was outside in my bathing suit sitting underneath falling snow. Definitely something I thought I would never do. My toes and fingers were numb from getting in and out of the scalding water, intermittently exposing my skin to literally freezing air. There was a point in the night where I was so hot that I could sit comfortably on the frozen cement with snow falling on my half naked body and not have it bother me one bit. Utah is ruining me and my aversion to cold weather. 

The past few days have been a whirlwind. Saturday alone was enough excitement to last me a lifetime. I went to the auditions of So You Think You Can Dance with my not-cousins and watched some incredible talent get praised and some non-talent get shot down. In case you were wondering, Mary' Murphy’s laugh is just as annoying in person as it is on the show.  


Saturday night we scored some courtside seats at the men’s volleyball game. IMG-20120218-02895 IMG-20120218-02898

Despite the excitement brought by proximity to the well muscled men, the game sucked. Our team slammed them the first two games, then lost the last three. How tragic.

We left the game and headed to a dance. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like dancing. Anyone who knows my family really well knows that we’re big fans of loud music and energetic dance parties. All the time. While doing dishes or cleaning the house or making dinner. The last (and consequently most memorable) time we had a crazy dance party was the day before we moved—when the only furniture in the house was my brother’s intense sound system and a folding table. We were sitting in the empty house waiting for our mom to come home. We listened to Danza Kuduro trying to film a last minute music video and Party Rock Anthem, desperately trying to master the art of shuffling. Saturday night’s dance felt much the same. Disconnecting from the real world and dancing, doubling over with laughter, yet still moving to the rhythm of music blasting so loud that you can’t hear what the person next to you is saying. There was this one time that I sort of fell backwards and landed on a platform holding a drum set and the DJ’s table. It hurt my body a little and my pride a lot. At the end of the night I was sweaty and my ears were ringing and my stomach hurt from laughing (and my back hurt from falling) and I was so happy. I think I slept for ten hours that night. 4FD3809A-103C-49D8-BAA7-9860BB464F02

I’ve spent glorious amounts of time with my seester, falling asleep watching Harry Potter and recording nonsensical songs. IMG-20120216-02793

Sometimes I decide to run away to her house. And it’s usually when I’m halfway there that I realize that I'm literally running. In shorts. In the cold. And it’s usually right in front of the Provo library that I want to curl up into a ball and die, because it would be better to freeze to death than to walk the two blocks further to her house against the icy wind.IMG-20120215-02779 IMG-20120215-02780 IMG-20120215-02781 

Other things I’ve been enjoying lately:


-coloring. Crayons and blank white paper have become something comforting.IMG-20120228-02974

-taking pictures of literally everything, despite weird looks from other people. Meet my Thursday night dinner in the making.


-iPods full of new music. It makes mundane activities significantly more exciting

-showers, razors, lotion, and shampoo. I frequently forget to appreciate those things, despite their uncanny ability to turn a crappy day into a mildly displeasing one.

-planning out the little details of my future. My house will absolutely have a big backyard, an infinity pool, and a gas stove.

-being outside. IMG-20120216-02789

Sometimes Provo isn’t so awful. Just different.IMG-20120216-02790

  Even though it’s not a tropical paradise, the sun still finds a way to shine here.IMG-20120216-02795

[Title from Restless Dream by Jack’s Mannequin]


  1. OMG I love these pics! I totally wish I lived around snow!

  2. I'm from Florida too! I lived off and on between Pensacola and FT. LAUDERDALE! Now I live in the flippin' snow, as well and my Florida bones don't like it. hehe.

  3. We're making progress. Wanna know how I know?
    We didn't have to buy Harry Potter :)