leave the weeping to the willow trees

If you’re here for the story of how I got kicked out of class, prepare to be disappointed.

Much to my own disappointment, I wasn’t kicked out because I did anything disrespectful, disruptive, or even mildly entertaining. It was an unreal, uncommon, uncomfortable experience that ended with me being asked to withdraw from the class. That’s right—I wasn’t just kicked out for the day, but for life. It was a long day that led to meetings and paperwork and me trekking back and forth from office to office crying and hating everyone. And it also ended with me in the department head’s office listening to him be really nice and apologetic and me thinking he was the greatest, nicest, most kind person in the whole entire world. It also left me enrolled in a night class. 6:30-8:45. My absolute worst nightmare. Hooray.

As always, the only thing capable of cheering me up was going through my phone and looking at texts/pictures people have sent me. I decided that some of them are so lovely that they needed to be shared with the world.



This explains why I haven’t been getting any mail…


This one was accompanied by a text that said “next time you’re on campus we’re so doing this”.


Getting this picture made me so happy and so sad. Also the photographer gets ten points for having the beach in this picture and twenty points for taking a picture of her feet. Thirty points to Gryffindor! {hahaha. ha.}

As I’m sure the entire world is already aware, my family got a dog.mozz859


…yet Kenyan still likes cats.


Which is why we sent her back to the hospital for more surgery.


{by the way, this is the surgeon who put my ear/face back together. I wonder when he’ll start to get tired of operating on my family…}


I still get picture updates on school projects, even though I don’t get to help with them anymore. College projects are so much less fun.


This dress…which I’m hoping wasn’t a suggestion of things to wear…



And of course, some old pictures of people that I really like.



And, as always, a picture of my feet.


[Title from Honey and the Bee by Owl City]

{P.S. this is my wall:IMG-20120204-02583

it’s sad. soooo I’ve decided I’m going to have a contest to see who can mail me the best pictures/drawings/etc. there’s already some heavy competition with a picture of hawaiian surf and a coloring book page full of disney princesses. may the most creative person win}


  1. :-) I totally do the same thing w/ my phone when I'm feeling down! I can't believe they asked you to withdraw! If I were a teacher there I'd be asking you enroll in my class! Crazy people! Seems like I've missed a lot this week during our "move"... come visit us in Seattle! We'd love to see you! But we won't be there until after late March.

  2. You're always welcome back in my class! First grade won't be too much of a challenge, but I'd love to have you! ;)

  3. Sorry you had a traumatic day. Next time we see each other I will have to tell you the story of how I was kicked out of BYU-Provo. Not out of a class, not out of an activity and not out of a game...seriously escorted off of campus. I was most disrespectful in the most respectful way :) Each time I go there to watch UofU kick their butts in football (Go Utes!) I get nervous that there is an aged enhanced photo of myself at the gates and they are going to turn me away :). Hahahaha!

  4. I have a picture of that same dress on my phone! I was trying to convince my best friend those would be perfect bridesmaid dresses.... I failed :(