i'm not an island, i've got you

Yesterday I was deathly ill. We're talking uncontrollable vomiting and collapsing in an exhausted heap next to the toilet. Keepin' it classy. Alyssa came and rescued me, bringing me back to her apartment for safekeeping. I thought I was going to be okay. Her roommate [that I insist on calling Jessica, because that's my roommate's name and therefore should be every roommate's name] made some authentic, delicious raspberry limeade. Alyssa and I shared a cup.
 Now we're both dying.
 Our day has since been filled with saltines and spiders, the latter explaining why my sister is now on the floor.

 Alyssa and I never miss an opportunity to catch up on youtube videos

 Here's to hoping we make it through the night, and that we don't get attacked by any more spiders.

[Title from No Man is an Island by Jack's Mannequin]

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