set it off

Listen. I need some help. Creativity, ideas, suggestions, inspiration, whatever you have to offer.
Four of the six girls in my apartment went out of town one weekend. Jessica and I took the liberty of toilet papering their bedrooms and bathrooms, saran-wrapping some of their things just for fun.

IMG-20120217-02877IMG-20120217-02883      IMG-20120217-02846          
IMG-20120217-02863 IMG-20120217-02867     IMG-20120217-02875 IMG-20120217-02876 IMG-20120217-02856

Naturally they felt the need to retaliate, and we came home to a toilet paper-covered bedroom shortly after.
We spent a week planning our counter attack—gathering newspapers and waiting for them to go to sleep before we could do anything. It wasn’t til 2:30 one night that we decided they were finally all asleep. We taped saran wrap across their doorframe and shoved newspaper into the gap. [Word of warning: using packaging tape and crumbling newspaper are both really loud activities…] Naturally the late hour meant I was delirious and cried laughing the whole time. The next morning when they opened their doors they were showered in crumbled newspapers.


We thought we were so clever.
But last night they hid six alarm clocks around our room that all went off at five this morning. And we’re talking hidden. Like in my crayon box and on top of our closet. (I didn’t actually sleep in my room last night, and poor Jess was so confused and had to singlehandedly hunt down all the obnoxious sources of noise). I have to hand it to them…that was pretty dang clever.

So now it’s our turn to prank them. And I’m just not sure how to outsmart the alarm clock idea. Which leads me to solicit ideas from all of you—surely some of you are creative/obnoxious enough to have some brilliant prank ideas. Sooooo leave ‘em here. Help me out guys…my roommate and I have reputations to uphold. Thanks, yo. :)

[Title from Tonight is the Night by Outasight]


  1. Cream cheese deodorant. My absolute favorite prank I have ever pulled off. Ask Lys. ;)

  2. Ok, here s something I picked up. Put away the ceran wrao, and do as I say. Buy shaving cream, and freeze it overnight, then place the frozen dollops of shaving cteam abd place them in windows. Or areas that are going to get really hot. Windows are just the best. Best to do this on a Saturday whenyou don't have plns to go anywhere. Also, perform this at night, that way when the sun comes up, BAM!! instant expanding shaving cream. And, it should be easy to clean up afterwards. Because of the size of the apartment, I would use 2 or 3. 2 other suggestions, turn down the thermostat so its just below freezing, and yick ice packs in their pillowcases, bedding, anywhere you think will be real effective. The other one is, there are alarm clocks that are set to roll around your room when the alarm goes off. should have some. Just some suggestions. Please be aware that the rolling alarm clocks are pretty spendy. Have fun, and let me know if you use any of my ideas.