be the artist

the thing about making macaroons is that it takes patience, specific and obscure ingredients, and more patience. {the patience part explaining why i've never made them before}
it took several trips to the store, several minutes of blending and reblending and slamming the food processor on the counter in frustration, and several hours of eager anticipation, hoping that they wouldn't collapse in the end.

things i would suggest to anyone crazy enough to try making these:
-beat the egg whites longer than you think you need to
-make sure to have a good music playlist ready
-make some guacamole first to keep you from starving
-spray the underside of the parchment paper before using; it steams when it cooks and helps them not sick so bad 
-be sure to make a blueberry cheesecake batch. probably the best thing i have ever eaten

purple swirls compliments of food coloring and lindsey's {not so} steady hand

be sure to stack some up at the end and take a picture while speaking with horribly imitated french accents. it really adds something to the whole experience.

the rewarding thing about macaroons is that they look so pretty when you're finished. even after you bite into them. we thought so, anyway.

 [title from the writer by ellie goulding, as it's mandatory to listen to a brit sing while making french things]


  1. Where'd you get the recipe? I hate to admit it but I literally have never eaten one. In my life. Ever. So I might try making them (and maybe my awesome kitchenaid will take out the patience part because I seriously have none.)

    1. I had a book with detailed, detailed instructions. I will email it to you!

  2. I've always wanted to make these! :) miss you too!

  3. I want the recipe/instructions too! Will you send them to me please? Love you! Miss you! Wish you were here!