consider all things right

Possibly one of my favorite things about school is that every year, without fail, right on schedule, it ends. Guess what guys. This semester was no different! Thank heavens.

I've come to the conclusion that college is the absolute best time to dye your hair; even if it comes out completely botched it's okay as college is the period of time when you make decisions that you'll probably regret later. (right??) I would never change my actual hair color as A. my mother would kill me and B. I would probably kill myself. Instead I went with a safe, inconspicuous blue stripe.

Alyssa, Lindsey, and I all pooled our quarters, (blue stripes are cooler when all your friends have one too) picked up a cheap box of dye, and went to town. Note to self: bleach stinks up the apartment for days and blue dye stays on your clothes, hands, ears, beds, rugs, and floors for weeks.

We discovered that one of the bathrooms in our apartment has a leaky sink and very quickly realized that we don't own nearly enough towels to cope with water emergencies.

But it is worth it. Because blue hair looks really cool. {for about three days, after which you will probably regret this decision as predicted}

[i think there's some girl rule that requires multiple self portraits after changing your hair. that's what i've gathered from facebook, anyway]

[Title from Embers and Envelopes by Mae]