sparked up

saturday was my favorite. it was almost eighty degrees and i had these girls:

so attractive.

we took our pale bodies and stretched them out under blue skies, squinting to see each other while i told them the epic saga that is my life, intermittently turning our bodies to get evenly toasted. i swear my body was a sponge that day; i could actually feel the sun seeping in as winter slowly backed off. i've never loved the sun as much as i did on saturday.

i got to play soccer that afternoon in grass that was finally green again. all grass in utah is soft, unlike florida where the grass is spiky unless you're on a sports field.

i love slightly sunburned skin, the way it makes your body always warm and the way jeans are always a little bit uncomfortable and the way taking a cool shower always feels like heaven.
lying in grass with my not-quite-full-fledged sunburn brought back memories of my childhood; saturday morning breakfasts with the elders, yard work with our full bellies and syrup covered fingers, and an afternoon at the pool or beach that usually extended til well after the sun had set.
spring is sort of magical, in its simplistic way. it's a little reminder that winter fades and hard times pass. i'm excited for summer and for life.

and if this isn't the best picture ever then i don't know what is.

[Title from Summer Hair = Forever Young by The Academy Is]

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