there is no tomorrow

Okay first of all can we talk about how Chelsea just came from nowhere and beat Barcelona? I'm impressed.

Also I forgot how good it feels to NOT have to go to class/study/do homework. It is absolutely fabulous. And now I'm doing exciting things like reading for pleasure, taking naps, cooking real meals, and creating a summer bucket list. How fantastic.

Last weekend I went to Cedar City for probably the sixth time in the past two months.

It's a three hour drive each way and, if we're being honest, I usually have high anxiety the whole drive; most especially when the wind sways the car or we get to close to semis. I'm still working on being calm on highways. Ha.

Cedar has served as my surrogate home for the past few months, always offering Sunday dinners with Lindsey's family and a reminder of what real houses are like and what real people do outside of college. We rarely get any homework done, opting instead to do things that make us feel like legitimate college kids. Things like longboarding uphill holding onto a car, scaling walls that were meant to keep us out,  and playing foosball/air hockey/ping pong. 

Most recently we made a video in which Alyssa was a boy and I was mostly bent over in laughter in every scene. If I'm lucky the video will never be publicized.

 We spent Saturday riding a four wheeler and a dirtbike, the latter of which presented significant challenges for me, both mental and physical.

I'm not proud of it, but I'm terrified of anything that has a clutch (because I can't commandeer them the way normal humans can), especially when it weighs more than I do. And I know it doesn't look it, but that thing is heavy. Which means that dirt bikes are a dangerous combination. After killing it once or twice and sucking up my anxiety I finally learned to ride it {and even got all the way up to 4th gear!} I was STOKED.

We were feeling pretty cool jumping these little baby hills until some kid who couldn't have been more than nine or ten came and totally showed us up and we mentally demoted ourselves back to ameteur status.

It's about a mile ride up into the mountains to get to an open clearing, and getting there is half the fun. The paths are uneven and rocky and sometimes have huge ditches running across them. When I was riding the dirtbike I'd try to coax myself into going faster, telling myself that it's not that scary/dangerous, that everyone else could do it so I should have no trouble. I'd finally talk myself into speeding up only to reach a stretch that was a steep climb covered in boulders or one that held a huge chasm that I'd have to jump. I'd get scared and slow almost to a stop to navigate the pass, then speed up again. I was near the end when I decided to man up and start speeding up at the difficult parts in an effort to catch up with the girls. And I still didn't die!

 The afternoon was gorgeous; warm weather coupled with rushes of adrenaline and a little bit of fishtailing. Gorgeous. We came home with some dirt in our hair a few new bruises, but not any worse for the wear.

After the sun set we coerced Lindsey's brother into starting a fire and we made s'mores and watched Lindsey's dog chase the escaping sparks relentlessly.

We headed back Sunday afternoon and it was actually hot outside, which was a little weird. I mean, Lindsey thought it was really weird.

Seriously guys. She's great. And Cedar is lovely. The end.

[Title from Friday is Forever by We the Kings]

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  1. Your hair is seriously amazing. So jealous