a feeling

Sunday night we played cards with some friends. There was broken glass, blatant cheating, bad jokes, and ab-exhausting laughter. On the way home we decided to make an impromptu trip out to the country to see other friends [we're pretty popular around here].

While the adults were sitting and talking and the little girls were downstairs playing, Alex, Jace, and I went outside to drive the golf cart past sleeping neighbors' houses. As we were careening down the long stretch of driveway, [and in between fearing for my safety with Alex at the wheel] I looked around at the seemingly endless land, at the vast night sky where five different stripes of deep blue blended into one another, at the cool breeze whipping our hair and tugging our dresses, at how happy I was to know the good people I know out here, how much I genuinely like these people, how much I love my dang family. 

And it was a good moment. That's all.

[Title from All About Us by He Is We]

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