more and more

being home is absolutely fantastic. i've never been so busy, so tired yet full of energy, so entertained. i finally got on the computer tonight [after an unintentional weekend break] to get some new recipes while listening to this song [wishing it was longer]. the internet is great and all, but i've got a dog to train, piano lessons to teach, organ lessons to learn, books to read, sun to soak up, kitchens to organize, gardens to grow, and family to love. it's funny how life can be infinitely busier yet incredibly simper at the same time. i am so, so glad to be home. so glad that this is what i chose this summer; to be with my mom and the kids, to watch them grow and change and progress. i may or may not get a little teary eyed watching them make good decisions, watching them be helpful and selfless and all-of-the-sudden grown up. it's joyous and amusing and even when it's nothing special, i am utterly, peacefully content just to be here in this little home.

[Title from While We Wait by Jack Johnson]

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  1. I love you, but when you quoted/cited Jack, my love for you (and for Jack) intensified a hundredfold. Gold.