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Okay so. I SUCK at crafts. Seriously.

Kenyan had an end of the year party last week and I had the brilliant idea to try and imitate these invitatiions:

I started around 11:30 pm--bad idea number one. We went to walmart to get supplies--bad idea number two.

They didn't really have what we needed. We could only find multi colored little fuzzy ball things, so I decided it would be okay to make rainbow colored caterpillars. Bad idea number three.

By the time we got home it was late. And it was hot. Usually it cools off at night but it didn't that night. We had all the windows open which meant there were a few irritating flies keeping me company. So there I was tired, hot, irritable, trying to glue together rainbow colored catepillars and intermittenly flailing our 74 cent fly swatter like a deranged person. The 'caterpillars' look deformed and haphazard and nothing like caterpillars. I distincly recall at one point thinking "this one's really ugly, Kenyan can give it to her least favorite friend" [for the record, not something we encourage at our house] and "well.... maybe they can pretend it's colored snowballs piled on a stick". Each attempt got progressively worse. I just kept telling myself to stay awake and trying to convince myself that I was being a good sister. There was a lot of muttering and swearing and glue gun burns. It was precisely 12:54 when I realized this was not working. No chance.

Thank heavens for my mom who always likes to shut down my pinterest ideas. I barged in at one in the morning in exasperation and within six minutes she came up with a new, functional, much better idea that 1. we had the supplies for and 2. was something even I could manage:

I mean, anyone can make pinwheels.

It went a lot more smoothly, but it was still a challenge for me. The problem with crafts is that it takes patience. Unlike most things I enjoy [sports, yard work, etc.] exerting excess force [slamming, hitting, yelling] will not make it look any prettier.

But seriously, who even makes things this small? 

The table was split down the middle, one side being my failed, ugly caterpillar graveyard and the other half being paper scraps from my slightly more successful invitations.

I finally finished around three, shoved most of the table in the trash, and went to bed.

I vaguely recall Kenyan waking me up as she left for school thanking me for making them. Which really made it all worth it.

Moral of the story:
1. I suck at crafts.
2. Thank heavens for mothers.

[Title from Hit the Bottom by Sherwood]

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  1. Cute! I love that you love your mother. Your handwriting is so neat! Mine is horrible. Pinwheels are awesome. You're the best sister!