sentimental virtue

My family got a dog while I was gone. I was absolutely tricked into liking him. They sent me pictures like this:

Awwwwwwwww, right? I foolishly fell in love with this little face and had no choice but to like him when I came home. And when I came home he was about four times bigger and not a cute little puppy. He was a giant, destructive beast. 

And I was stuck liking him.

His name is Mozzie [the sidekick in White Collar]. He's a bit of a blundering block head. He's huge, but he's still only a puppy [7 or 8 months old], so he hasn't completely gained control of his body. He just barges around, sliding into doors and chairs, stepping on people's toes, and not giving a care in the world. In fact, sometimes if he gets going too fast, he'll lose control and skid across the kitchen, slamming into the wall. Then he picks himself up, shakes it off as though nothing's happened, and goes about harassing more people. 

It's still so dang hard not to like him.

When I first came home he was completely obnoxious; jumping on people and biting and chewing up everything he could reach. Gratefully our good friends came over and taught me how to train him, and he's calmed down quite a bit. He's quite intelligent and learned pretty quickly chill out so that everyone doesn't hate him. 

And he really doesn't like being put in his kennel. 

He just sits there and makes a sad, apologetic face and whimpers pathetically.

He still likes to chew on things--lemon juice bottles, milk jugs, magazines, everything.

But uh....we really like him. I think we'll keep him.

[Title from Everybody Loves Me by One Republic]

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  1. cayenne pepper works great for the chewing, binaca does wonders for the biting. Both are safe for dogs. The jumping we are still working on so I can't help you there :(!