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My last weekend in Utah was an absolute whirlwind. For some reason I wasn't really convinced that I was going home, so I didn't have the "just a few days left" mentality. Which meant that I thoroughly enjoyed the last few days.

Right after this picture Jessica/Ashley gave me a decisive stare and made an assessment. She said "you look like a free spirit. Especially with that toe ring". It's probably the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. 

I trekked around Provo barefoot simply because A. I wanted to and B. I had no constraining obligations.

Evidently this is a rose, made from a leaf. I'm not really seeing the resemblance, but I do appreciate the sentiment behind it.

Anna and I went up Provo Canyon for a bike ride with her boys. It was quaint and simple and peaceful and we avoided any major fiascos, so overall a five star adventure.

We stopped up at Bridal Veil Falls to dip our feet in the river and throw some rocks. And by that I mean the boys were jumping in the river and I was crouching on the side trying to talk myself into sticking my feet in because it was so cold. These kids obviously have been in Utah too long...

Anna asked some random paserby to take our picture and I had to capture this lady's outfit. It was so great. So while Anna adjusted her camera [which was probably intentional, to stall for time] I very conspicuously took a picture:

Beck and I lagged a bit behind [though not for lack of trying; watching Beck's little legs pedaling so furiously in a futile attempt to catch up made me laugh hard enough to fall off my own bike a few times]. We came around one bend to find that the boys had discovered a snake.

They were adamant about bringing the snake back home and keeping it as a pet. Being the only one with a basket, I was deemed care taker of the snake. Not ten minutes down the road I looked into the basket and realized that the snake had already escaped. The boys were pretty upset with me.

Further on down the road Bricky blew out a tire [still have no idea how] which left a very dejected boy and his brothers walking their bikes the rest of the way down the trail.

 Somewhere in all of that Beck lost his water bottle, and I ended up being responsible for a lost snake, a popped tire, and a missing water bottle. I don't think I scored very many points that day....

Saturday evening we did some shopping, asked a boy to prom [for Cara, not me...], listened to some Hot Chelle Rae, baked some cookies, and spent a solid three minutes being excited about the supermoon.

Sunday was glorious. Cara and I laid out on the trampoline under the blissfully warm sun reminiscing about times past and painting our nails.

It smelled like sunscreen and sunshine and it was beautiful.
And naturally, no Sunday would be complete without some form of destruction:

And then all of the sudden it was time for me to go. Wesley took one of the wires out of the computer and braided a bracelt for me while Peggy and Carl loaded up food for our trip home and Cara helped me throw things into my suitcases. Like I said...I wasn't really prepared to go home. At all.

After a mad flurry and some serious shoving of boxes and bags and people, we successfully packed everything and hauled it over to Alyssa's apartment. We said some teary goodbyes and I calmed down a little [with some help of course]. All of my things fit neatly into the trunk of the car thanks to Jessica/Ashley's ninja packing skills. She made me a cup of her world famous limeade and then she, Alyssa, and I went to Smith's in our pajamas. Lys and I tried to rest up for the trip to no avail. Sleeping is just not something we do. Plus I was too excited to sleep. In 24 hours I would be home!

Stay tuned for the grand adventure that was our drive. Spoiler alert: I was in four places in once while hopped up on sleeping pills. It's gonna be good.

[Title from Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne]

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