waves are crashing and stars are falling

well i had my cinco de mayo on el tres de mayo and am not really documenting it until el once de mayo...but it's fine. technically it wasn't even a cinco de mayo was technically a dinner party for young married couples. yep. i was twenty and single and hanging out with these married folk. no idea what on earth i was thinking.

highlights of the night:
-the taiwanese man who was convinced i would certainly win the hunger games because of my great strength, and who reminded me of this conviction every time i carried something

-the older man who interrupted EVERYONE'S conversation to loudly and incredulously ask "are your feet really that dirty?!" to which i proudly replied yes, yes they are. [i'd previously mowed the lawn and longboarded barefoot. so what.]

-when all the marrieds were inside eating dessert and i was outside throwing rocks at birds, convincing myself both that A. i most definitely have some characteristics from my father, bird bullying being one of them and B. i am not anywhere near ready to get married or even date boys. and that is fine.

-being the host of a stereotypical "know your spouse" game and simultaneously having the rare opportunity to completely be myself. guess what--i can still be entertaining and even likeable when i want to be.

after i was done harassing the birds i laid on the trampoline and stared at the gently overcast sky and realized that my brain was finally quiet. all the tumultuous thoughts that have been incessantly whirling around the past few months finally took a break. and it was very very nice.

and then we folded up chairs and tables and wiped down counters and went for a bike ride and i fell asleep to a little bit of rainfall, just enough to remind be that bad times end and relief from dry spells is usually just around the corner.

[Title from Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus]

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  1. You are beautiful Bridian!