you are my deamon

When I was at school in Hawaii I went through a lot of emotional turmoil and I found myself pretty restless at times. One night when I was too distraught to sleep I went down to the computer lounge and started stumbling around Youtube. I came across the then-new Black Eyed Peas song and listened to it over a hundred times. Something about the bass perpetuated the distressed trance I was in and facilitated my numbness. I remember watching the sun come up as I clicked replay again. I have this song memorized and I know the video scene by scene. I don't love the Black Eyed Peas and I don't even love this song. But that was just what happened that night and to this day I don't really know why.

I have about a billion blog entries started and had great plans to finish them this morning...but today ended up being like that long stretch of night filled with too much of that dumb song. So I turned on my black music playlist and baked four dozen cupcakes. And I'm going to sleep tonight hoping that tomorrow I will wake up and want to do more than listen to an auto-tuned train wreck.

[Title from Just Can't Get Enough. Obviously.]


  1. Oh girl, I'm right there with ya. I have a note on my desktop with a lengthy list for blog posts to be written, but at the end of the day when I finally have some down time, I somehow find myself watching "Pregnant in Heels." Eesh.

  2. I love the phrase "auto tuned train wreck." so clever.
    -Erin Bloomfield