come away little light

the best thing about being too busy to blog is that it usually means that I’m just that--too busy.
I spent last week camping with a hundred girl aged twelve to eighteen. it was nice to come home to showers, cell reception, a clean, soft bed, and lots and lots of flowers from dear friends, sent on the 21st.
saturday morning we rolled out of bed bright and early to welcome our guests [who were just as surprised by their visit as we were] and it looked like this:
there’s been movie marathons, board games, trips to the park, and trips to the pool. and, not one to miss out on plenty of helping hands, I put ‘em all to work.
the rest of this week has been filled with slip and slides, tons of cooking, and long, long, eight hour shifts at work.
I work in a cold, dark lab running tests and collecting data. but when I’m not doing that I’m making dart boards out of my friends’ faces and carving things out of cork boards, duct tape, and cans.
very, very rarely I’m tasked with venturing outside to bring in some plant leaves and I tell you what—taking my numb face and frozen fingers out into the balmy, sunny air, letting my eyes adjust to bright light [usually smartly decked out in long jeans and a sweater] I’ve never loved that blessed sun so much.
and then it’s back to the blackness of a perpetually sixty-five degree room where I interact with no more than three people at a time. no sarcasm here: it’s quite a perfect job for me and I genuinely enjoy it.
every night I tell myself I will be in bed by eleven in order to get enough sleep. and usually when eleven rolls around I’m still in a pool, hanging outside of a closed dairy queen, or thoroughly engrossed in an intense game of nertz and suddenly sleep doesn’t seem so important. just everything about this week, this summer, this life. so charming, so delightful, so perfect.
[title from come away to the water by maroon 5]

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