fourteen miles away

my absolute favorite thing in the world right now is my bedroom [this speaks volumes; both the cool-ness of my room and my lack of exciting things in life].

when I got home from school it was a “computer room”, meaning that it held two computers which no one ever used, a dog kennel, random crap that didn’t have anywhere else to go, and quite a few spiders.


I rounded up my siblings one saturday, turned on a good playlist, and went to work. we made good time, sorting, organizing, disassembling, vacuuming, and filling up the garbage can.


6-9-2012 8-52-37 PM

an empty, white walled room is as exciting to me as a blank page waiting to be written on. I could do absolutely anything to it! since salt water clearly runs in my veins, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I tried to infuse as much of the ocean as I could into my little west texas bedroom.

I tacked up some pictures that I’ve torn out of surf magazines, dragged in some unused wooden stools, poured some sand into a mason jar, and scrounged up some white sheets.


[empty olive oil bottle, rocks from my turtle tank, & blue-dyed water + sand/shells from florida & family pictures]


the bottles. they’re been a big hit, obviously. my personal favorite was when the missionaries passed through my room and told me they liked them. never thought I’d hear elders compliment me on beer bottles.


[my necklace, semi-inherited from jada, hanging under my mom’s sun hat]


my favorite things about my room are things I didn’t really plan. it has big windows, letting the sun stream in and light it all up and allowing me to always see the sky, sun rises and sunsets.


it’s always the perfect temperature. I don’t know how. but it is never as cold as the rest of my house and never as hot as it is outside.

my room is peaceful. it’s not cluttered, noisy, or busy. it’s a tangible refuge; a safe place where I can think, write, and listen to music without stresses or worries. I can lay on my crisp white sheets and feel the non-ocean breeze blowing through the windows, bringing with it a calm sense of security. it’s open. it’s clean. it’s simple.


I love it.


[title from into the ocean by blue october]

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