into the ocean’s arms

yesterday after deep cleaning my room I decided to drag my bed across the room, parallel to my window. it ended up being a really good idea when a huge crazy storm rolled in last night; it gave me a front row seat to watch the lightning.

I love watching the night sky flash bright blue and then resume darkness, as though nothing ever happened.


I sat in my dark room, listening to the postal service and watching the sky light up until I heard hail. we were lucky enough to have company for this particular storm, and suddenly there was a mad dash to make space for their car in our garage; inching our car closer to the wall, shoving bar stools and throwing recycling bins and wedging bikes in the doorway. we held our breaths  as their car barely inched underneath the garage door and jace especially held his breath as he got pinned between the car and the wall.


we observed the storm for a bit; watching sheets of rain sweep across the streets and waterfalls of hail cascade down our roof.


then we all huddled in the living room racing turtles, swapping stories about hawaii, and discussing how old alma the younger really was.

I love rain, the way it cleanses the earth and seeps into the warm clay and floods the streets. it leaves everything clean and refreshed. I love thunder and lightning, the way it brings people inside and brings people together.


it felt cozy and safe and that, friends, is what a good storm will do for you.

[title from recycled air by the postal service]

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  1. Bridian!
    Love that you shared this with us, especially the pictures of the lightening. So cool! I LOVE the second to last picture. You are so talented at photography! One of my favorites ever. Keep on keepin on.
    With love
    Erin Bloomfield (EB)