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Despite the fact that Kenyan’s summer celebration seemed to get off to a rough start, the party itself was quite a success.

IMG-20120525-05461 IMG-20120525-05457IMG-20120525-05459

Fruit balloon idea found here, despite my mother’s facebook attestation that I’m creative.


We hosted a “Crazy Dinner” themed party [with desserts instead of entrĂ©es]. Most of our older friends should be familiar with this idea, as it’s one we’ve used repeatedly; the guests receive menus with enigmatic clues as to what we’re serving instead of titled items. They go to work trying to figure it out and order four courses to the best of their ability.


Back in the kitchen, the non-participants [as well as the lucky few who were roped into helping us] started assembling the courses as creatively as possible.

6-1-2012 5-00-19 PMIMG-20120525-05476IMG-20120525-05477

The assembly is just as entertaining as delivery; watching them react to their courses and try to find ways to eat them is one of the better parts of this party idea.

And because we’re not barbaric, we finished off the courses with a real serving of brownies and ice cream and some middle school girl games.


Naturally I hung out with the children ten and under, because that’s really more my maturity level.


[Title from What A Feeling by Kelly Rowland]


  1. I wish each of those pictures had independent "Like" buttons on each of them. I love the picture of Addy. And Max, naturally. I'm thrilled to see that we keep up this tradition in our family :)
    And the fruit balloons? Super cute Brid.

  2. Fruit balloons are the coolest! -eb