sunshine and the trees

saturday was full of good things. it started with the temple, fresh berries, and gooey cinnamon bread.


my new favorite people were in town and we spent several long, sweaty, sunshine filled hours at the sweetest park I’ve ever seen.


we played tag for an eternity, everyone sprinting and ducking and hiding and slipping on the wood chips.


perhaps the best series of tag pictures I’ve ever seen [in which jace whoops my butt]:


it was exhilarating and exhausting; I can’t believe how tireless little kids are. it was a little bit of consolation that everyone was so tired at the end. like straight up falling-over-on-the-floor-wiped out.


and so, red-faced and thirsty, we each waved white flags and decided to join up to explore the cooler air of the shaded clubhouse.


we were completely worn out by the time we called it quits, every one of us eager to jump into an air conditioned car, stick our faces out the window, and get home to tall glasses of cool water and relief from the texan heat.


see the thing about these people that came to visit is that they mean a great deal to me. they were the second people in the hospital last summer [second that I can remember, anyway]. aka I was an emotional basket case and half of my face [and the majority of my body] was destroyed. and as they sat there, introducing themselves and speaking calmly, I just wanted to cry because I was so lucky to have people there that cared about me. it means a lot more than most people think. and let me tell you something: when your world gets turned upside down [literally and figuratively] there are lots of things you don’t forget. and opening your groggy, swollen eyes and seeing genuine love and concern so obviously written on people's’ faces is one of those things. no amount of morphine can diminish the importance of someone being there for you at your absolute worst, lowest point. it’s something that you remember every time you see their face(s).


plus…they have some adorable kids.


in short, saturday was pretty fantastic.

[title from summer paradise by simple plan + sean paul]

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