clementine candles and four other things

last week when we should have been cleaning the kitchen, aria, kenyan, and i decided to make a candle out of a clementine.


here’s the how to:

☀take a little paring knife and cut through the skin around the clementine. don’t just cut the whole thing in half; it won’t work right.


peel the skin off. this is the hardest part because you can’t rip it. it helps to run your thumb around the inside of it first, breaking it away from the majority of the actual fruit.



do the same thing to the second half. the second half will be easier.


{see the little tear? i don’t really practice what i preach}

technically this is where you should let it dry out. if i were to do it again, i’d let it dry out. but i’m impatient and i wanted to see if it would work so i just went for it.

pour in some olive oil.IMG-20120714-07568

cut out something fancy in the top.


light that sucker up.



brag about it, put it on facebook, distribute as christmas gifts, do whatever you wish.


bam. whaddup.

and four other things:

1. my turtles like to sunbathe on top of each other.IMG-20120709-07448

2. my dog sits like a girl. not that girls really sit with their legs splayed, but for some reason it seems girl-ish to me.


3. my bedroom has christmas lights. straight pimpin’.



4. aria made a couch cushion into a horse. oh the boredom creativity of long summer days.


1 comment:

  1. Four things:

    1)The candle thing is so cool. I'm excited to try it and send you pictures of burnt things.

    2) I love that every turtle you've owned has donet his.

    3) Your room is sweet.

    4) Mozzie is weird.