the earth she hums

i have excellent news. it appears that my cultural appreciation has expanded, encompassing texas and all the boot-wearin’, southern-drawlin’ things that come with it. i’m not sure when it started, but the other day i was [completely unintentionally] driving my truck down a dirt road, listening to sara evans, with my jeans cuffed up and my muddy shoes on the floor. i was stopped at a stoplight next to a man in another truck wearing a cowboy hat and i realized we weren’t all that different. it was a weird feeling.


as if that wasn’t bad enough, i went country dancing thursday night and came home wanting a pair of cowboy boots and another round of country dancing. it’s freaking me out a little bit.

everything about texas has been slowly growing on me. i’ve figured out the intricate, weaving, confusing highway system, grown accustomed to everyone being nice [even to strangers!], acclimated to the big skies and brown fields. i’ve been playing sand volleyball with people that don’t hate me, coming home with my knees raw from diving in the sand. my mom and aria take walks and bike rides around the neighborhood every evening [they wait until the sun goes down and the temperature cools off to about eighty. yuck]. i actually enjoy runs through the night, feeling like a miniscule figure against the broad fields of nothing and the black dome of the sky, the infamous West Texas Wind always blowing against me, no matter which direction i’m headed.

driving a truck is still awesome. it’s a good little [big] truck and it hold its own as i wind around the stately highways, wind whipping through the windows. the only down fall is my terrible, horrible parking jobs that bring a great deal of amusement to me [and probably no one else].IMG-20120709-07444


[i realize that in some ways i might be upholding the stereotypes of women being bad drivers but seriously guys. this truck has an extended cab and an extended bed. it’s really long. and that is my justification.]

i experienced a drive in movie in the back of said truck, and it was a little bit life changing.




it’s something that everyone needs to experience once in their life; the oppressive hot air of the day gradually being chased away by the night’s cool breeze, the way it feels to lay in the warm bed of a truck underneath a thick blanket, not really paying attention to the movie because the skyline and the stars are more profound entertainment. it all works together to create an absolutely magical experience.

loving things is a cyclical act; the more you love the more you have room to love. i’m coming to terms with the fact that this will never be florida and it can never feel the way florida felt. but it can still be its own form of safe and comfortable and it can do so without encroaching the florida’s territory or diminishing the validity of the things i loved there. i can love texas just as much as i love florida. and it’s about time i figured this out, ‘cause texas has been really good to me.

[title from i just wanna see by smash mouth]

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