goodness of heart

I love when the first of the month falls on a sunday. it’s one of the rare times that I actually notice that the month has changed. it’s more of a gentle ease into the coming weeks, structured perfectly to look back at the past month and set some goals for the coming one. it’s a chance to start a task—something that I can do every day in july because a day hasn’t slipped past yet. it’s such an accomplishment, doing things for an entire month, changing yourself little by little, day by day. it’s such a fulfilling feeling to look back at a month and like what you’ve done and who you’ve become.

highlights of june:

-submitting exactly 100 job applications before getting hired. I never want to apply for a job, ever again.

-watching one of my brother’s friends kill it on the pianoIMG-20120630-07309

[yes, I know he’s too young for me. but that doesn’t stop me from professing my love for him every time I see him]

-having a group of young, single adults at my house for pudding twister and a slip and slide [which only resulted in one broken rib]

-learning about oil rigs from a guy who probably got more and more frustrated with every question I asked and finally offered to draw me a diagram


-making sushi






we shared our sushi with the cowboy who told his defenseless russian son that wasabi was just ‘green peanut putter’ and convinced him to put it straight on his tongue.



pay special attention to chris’ face in the background. he was tickled pink to see his poor darling son react to the heat of the sauce.

-my personal discovery of green apple chapstick. best. invention. ever.

-helping our friends move [with my moving socks on], and being greatly rewarded for our helpIMG-20120628-07299


-dumpster diving, because I threw away something important. because I am blonde [aka absentminded/airheaded/dumb..take your pick]


and that, friends, is june.

[title from the mountain by trevor hall]


  1. Love it! I wonder what I did in June. I should start documenting it. Happy July! -EB

  2. Hopefully you went cone-ing to get those ice cream cones :P It's just not fun to get them normally.