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how was your fourth of july? I’m going to wager that mine was more exciting than yours.  IMG-20120704-07359

we bought a truck. forever, always, my whole entire life I’ve wanted a truck. which means that yesterday all of my dreams come true.



we spent a good five hours cleaning it up yesterday—cleaning the outside and inside, vacuuming, scrubbing floors and seats, washing windows, de-sanitizing, and deodorizing.



owning a truck is great wherever you are, but in texas it makes you part of an elite club. I feel giddy driving down the streets and seeing other truck drivers because I feel like I can play chicken with them and win. it’s going to take a huge adjustment of my driving skills and I’m going to have to re-learn how to park, but I am stoked.


our truck doesn’t even fit in the garage—it’s about two feet too long. but that's fine with me. it gets to sit in our driveway like a trophy and the college boys across the street get to see that I drive that.


jace and I have driven it down more dirt roads than real roads, skimmed some potholes and run over several curbs.


[I’m kind of a HUGE backseat driver and spend most of the time freaking out and telling him that he’s going to get us killed, which is probably why he was making this “I’m not even listening to you” face. smart boy.]

the only real patriotic part of my day was when we [in our truck!!] barreled across some highways, forged a new path, and ran over some small children [jk guys] to watch some fireworks. fireworks are best seen from the spacious bed of a truck, in case you were wondering.

[title from always summer by yellowcard]

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  1. You are so awesome! Your blog is the best part of my day. -EB