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I’ve never understood people that are busy—too busy to answer texts or that come away from weekends more tired than less. somewhere in the last six weeks I’ve started having a life [read: I can’t sleep as much as I want to] and suddenly…I get it. spoiler alert: having a life is not all it’s cracked up to be. friday at work I sat down and made a thorough list of everything I might want to accomplish this weekend. I think I got through about two percent of it. luckily I’m not at the maturity age level where things like that bother me. I just run around like a crazy person, not sleeping and trying to keep everyone fed and entertained {and I mean everyone}. it was a grand ol’ weekend anyway.



today I drove to church in my truck LIKE A BOSS. I pulled in, tried to back into a parking spot, and realized that I don’t really know how to park such a long, wide, beast of a vehicle. I swung too wide and then not wide enough and then I was up on a curb and then I was stuck. stuck. like I couldn’t pull forward or backwards because I somehow managed to wedge myself between two curbs. yep. my truck also happened to be blocking off the entrance to the parking lot, so I just sat there like a helpless fool {dying of shame} while a boy who couldn’t get in sat and laughed at me and some sweet, sympathetic lady tried to guide me. my face was flushed and I was burning up with embarrassment. and then boy-who-i-blocked told me I was a girl and therefore I have a handicapped exception. that was the cherry on top.


{jace and the cowboy checkin out the dusty engine}

I made eight dozen cupcakes yesterday. frosted, decorated and delivered them. {more on that later} I took some leftover, plain boring cupcakes to my neighbors across the street. they’re just some college boys, so I thought cupcakes would be a big-ish deal to them. like, “hey, we’re boys and we don’t make cupcakes, so thanks” kind of thing. wrong. they headed back into their kitchen and came out with a bag of oreo truffles that they’d made for me. they have no idea what they just started, but this means war.


early saturday morning I woke up because I just couldn’t get comfortable. I woke up and realized that the discomfort was that I couldn’t breathe. my throat was closing off and my whole body felt like there were microscopic scorpions clawing their way out. sometime in during the night I had some sort of allergic reaction to something. the good news is that I’m alive and [after a groggy, pajama wearin’ run to walmart] am fully re-stocked with life savin’ zyrtec.

I finished reading the fault in our stars by john green. and now I’m experiencing that sinking, empty feeling of ending a story—I still feel like I’m living in the book and that I’ve just lost contact with my good friends {who are actually fictional characters}


it rained this weekend. if I were a normal girl, I’d probably put a little heart thingy here. cuz I love me some rain.





here’s to having mondays off. I will either have a wildly productive day or I will finish another season of how I met your mother. it’s gonna be a toss up.

[title from skinny love—the beautifully haunting version by birdy]

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