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the last few days have been wonderfully, beautifully overcast. this brown, dry place suddenly became beautiful. shrouded by a dark sky, I could feel the ground opening up and soaking up every bit of the rare rainfall that it could.

it’s been a rainy, cozy drive to work in the mornings, and I don’t even mind that I’m not home in bed. there’s nothing wrong with being happier in gloomy weather. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


I have this bad habit of leaving my sandals in my truck {instinctive barefooted-ness really comes and goes} and the past few mornings when I’ve slipped my feet into them they’ve been cold. I can’t remember the last time anything in texas was cold on its own. and thhough cold shoes make me wince, I didn’t want to take them off because it was such a welcome change.


the sun’s been coming out in the afternoon, but the breeze is still cool and humid, just like my favorite florida days; like right before a hurricane or that one day I had a really good soccer game at falcon cove. it’s weird to me the way weather triggers so many memories.


today at work one of the high and mighty bosses asked me what brought me to lubbock. it wasn’t a situation where I could deflect or downplay what happened or why I was here, so I gave a brief summation of the accident and how we chose to stay here afterwards. as we discussed the pros and cons of lubbock I found myself speaking of it with some admiration and affection. this place has really grown on me in the past few months. I feel safe and loved here, no matter where I go or what I do. that absolutely trumps green grass and sandy beaches, every time.


I have more things to catch up on, things more important than the weather. but I’ll save it for a sunny day; a day where I want to do more than bake bread and watch pointless tv shows.

[title from the district sleeps alone tonight by the postal service]

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