pretty boy

a last ditch attempt to remember some things about the past few crazy weeks, stream of consciousness style. except that it's organized. and i'm afraid there's not very much consciousness to it:

1. we went to nauvoo. i laughed til i cried, ate til i cried, and slept more than i needed to. but lots, lots more on that later.
2. i genuinely, absolutely, wholeheartedly love my job. like, excited-to-go-to-work-every-morning. that's new for me, being so far into it and all.
3. second sports standup this year. {if you're not my mother and you know what i'm talking about, you're a creep}
4. my dry erase board of goals demanding "bed by 11". it happens about once every three days. new record for me.
5. olympics make me tear up a bit. the pride, the hard work, the sense of accomplishment, the adorable jerks with grills in. sniff.
6. bookcases with lights in them. bags of potatoes on our front porch. non-suffocating humidity. west texas, you're winning. if only your water didn't make my hair tangly.
7. every night when i wear my retainer i'm still so thankful for dr. thomas.
8. speed [not the drug] and the fifty-two cards.
9. wisdom teeth&the buzz lightyear surgeon. some people were not cut out to be surgeons.
10. i've read more books this month than i have in the past year. that makes me feel good about myself.
11. most of the boys i know don't call me by my real name. and i am completely okay with that.

[title from body language by jesse mccartney//t-pain]

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