about this love

my brain is a big ol’ pile of mush. but there are just a few things i am certain of right now:

#1. i should absolutely be asleep right now, not mentally making lists of things, creating scenarios of tomorrow in my head, or perceiving any emotion as real.

#2. west texas is such a secret keeper. did you even know it could be pretty? i mean every time it happens it totally catches me off guard. and i have to pull over and take pictures of it. and i end up with muddy feet and a truck stuck in the mud. but that is fine.


#3. no matter how many times i watch all the episodes of all the seasons of The Office i will still find it incredibly stupid, incredibly hilarious, and incredibly necessary to text lines from it to my friends/siblings.


#4. i love, love, love, love my job. so much that it is unreal. and a tiny bit creepy to me. probably even more creepy to my bosses, since sometimes when they show up to work i’m already sitting in the parking lot, eagerly waiting to revolutionize the world of plants. [even though they make me wear pants sometimes. and shoes. and a lab coat. okay the lab coat is pretty cool]


#5. rainy, windy, cold days remind me of florida hurricanes.



#6. in my next life i want to be ellie goulding. but for now i’m pretty okay with the life i’ve got.

[title from this love by ellie goulding]

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