calm these jets

today i was at work, kneeling on the ground rewiring a box. the box was attached to a pole, and there was another box higher up. two boys men [who are technically my superiors] were working on something else while mocking me. i ignored them, because they always make fun of me. smartfield

i finished fixing the box. and stood straight up, slamming my face into the higher box which threw me back onto the ground with my face in my hands and my pride in pieces. i sat there and tried to turn tears [which I SWEAR came with no warning] into laughter. the guys, after making sure i was okay, were in stitches laughing at me. it took me a minute to even figure out why standing up had hurt, why i was so immediately forced back on my knees and why everything was suddenly dark, and then try to figure out WHERE ON EARTH that box came from. i went home early today—accompanied by an excruciating headache, a fat goose egg on my forehead, and a cut spanning the length of my nose. yes, i’m bracing myself for the does your face hurt? ............‘cause it’s killing me jokes tomorrow. i would insert a picture here face doesn’t look as bad as it feels. which really is the worst part of it all. 

[title from secret by maroon 5]

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