a world away

last february i had the privilege to take a few days off of school and fly home to see my family. i don't know why on earth jada and i were in separate rooms on separate computers chatting to each other in the same house, but a year and a half later i'm glad to have a record of it. i also came to the realization that i must have gotten my sense of humour from her. 

8:42 PM Jada: Hey,you. Wanna hear an ingenious plan?
8:43 PM me: ingenious? no. but a genius one, yes.
8:48 PM Jada: Well, DO ya?
8:49 PM me: hurry it up
8:50 PM Jada: So let's say I had a brilliant idea that involved you, a camera, Picnik, ten bucks, and a ton of cute guys?
8:51 PM me: ten bucks?
8:52 PM Jada: Okay, maybe like five. I dunno, I'm making that part up because I kinda sort of maybe need ten dollars.
But that's beside the point.
8:53 PM me: .............
8:54 PM Jada: ........what would you say?
me: whats the plan?
8:55 PM Jada: New York, roughly around the place we went and took pictures with flowers and a fence.
me: annnd
Jada: Oh, yeah, we need flowers, a field, and a fence.
me: this is getting more complicated...
8:58 PM Jada: But you'll love it.
And so will every guy you do and don't know.
8:59 PM me: ?
what about guys?
9:00 PM Jada: Cute ones will like the result. And the dress needs to be..ehh sort of long. If it's short, it needs to be modest short. Like, if you sit down, you cant see your underwear kind of modest.
me: ?
9:01 PM Jada: Uggghhh...
Wait, explain what
Juss....come in here. Or I'l come in there. Either way, I gotta get offa Moms lappy.

[title from we'll be coming back by calvin harris ft. example]

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