life left on the shore

i am on the brink of death.

at least...that’s what it feels like. i’ve spent the last 48 hours in a drunken stupor of sickness; puking up what can only be water at this point, fumbling for the tissue box, sleeping in forty minute increments, and cursing my inability to breathe. IMG-20121111-10288IMG-20121111-10291IMG-20121111-10294IMG-20121111-10296

the part i hate most about being sick is how my brain seems to give up first. at the first sign of a cold it ceases to function. whether i’m awake or asleep it can’t seem to form coherent thoughts other than why is my bed so high off of the ground and where the $%*& is my container for vomiting? i read a book from cover to cover yesterday. yet all i can remember is that the main character was a female. i think...

yesterday i played the flute in church. playing any sort of instrument when you’re nearly dead is a bad idea. so to make things better, i took my mom’s fake glasses up on the stand, made a big production of putting them on, and started to play. my ability to keep a straight face was a testament to my illness.363

a highlight of last week: i made it very clear that i was trying to get my bed to resemble a hotel bed—soft, clean, comfortable. aria and kenyan decided that to get the full effect, i needed access to room service. i came home one night to this:


[each sticker is a reason why i am awesome]


and every day since then i’ve come home to some little touch from room service—tucked in sheets, a box of nerds, some little note. love them!

friday afternoon i spent my time at work constructing a chinese throwing star out of packaging tape and razor blades. i’m certain i’m not getting paid enough for the hard work i do.IMG-20121109-10266

i’m pretty sure my sickness was induced by the [finally] dropping temperatures and that i can only expect more months of a rudolph nose, but oh well. ‘tis the season.


[title from dead in the water by ellie goulding]

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