shoulders ache for want of wings

despite the whirlwind that was my life last month, there were some significant/exciting events that i have to document just so that i won’t completely forget them. so without further ado, here are the top 10 of october:

1. the pickard family came to visit! i can’t believe this was the only picture i got the whole time, but it’s a good one. sierra and i volunteered to help move a chicken coop, which also meant we got to catch the chickens. it was a first for both of us, and provided some gut wrenching laughter as we desperately tried to hold on to some chickens that were creating mini tornadoes by flapping for their lives.IMG-20121008-09628

2. i dyed my hair red!IMG-20121028-10083

despite the overwhelmingly positive response i got, it was only temporary and i am back to being a blonde.

3. i killed my truck! poor collin was dragged through so much mud that the alternator couldn’t work anymore. it died on a highway at 5 in the morning and was revived with lots of troubleshooting and (eventually) lots and lots of mud scrubbing.IMG-20121007-09614IMG-20121007-09619IMG-20121007-09622IMG-20121007-09623IMG-20121010-09648



i don’t think i’ve ever been so obsessed with an album ever in my life. this is not a recommendation; i really don’t think her music is for everyone. it’s just a note to self of sorts—so that i can look back on october 2012 as ‘the month i listened to absolutely nothing but ellie goulding’.

5. my boss lent me his trailer to help with the moving process. i initially used it for that, but then i realized how cool it would be to put the girls’ mattresses in it and drive them around the neighborhood. so of course, that took precedence.


see aria’s little head back there?


6. my mom and i spent a lot of lunch hours together; occasionally eating lunch together but usually just picking out tile and carpet and washers and fans and other appliances. i really enjoy her.


7. lindsey was here! which, you know, really deserves its own post. but we’ll start with this series of pictures which proves that i am the worst friend ever.IMG-20121006-09525IMG-20121006-09526IMG-20121006-09528IMG-20121006-09529IMG-20121006-09530IMG-20121006-09534IMG-20121006-09532IMG-20121006-09533IMG-20121006-09536

love that girl.

8. we splurged for a $7 halloween pizza from papa murphy's.



vs. reality:IMG-20121027-10033


9. kenyan put a baby in a box. she loved it. the baby did not. she is now banned from having children.


10. texas sunrises. they never get old.IMG-20121024-10004

[title from in my city by ellie goulding]

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