a million fiends, none so deadly as you

just a bunch of thoughts, because i have restless leg syndrome..of the brain.

-all i really want for christmas is some bills paid, a tank or two of free gas, an oil change, and some new underwear. i believe this is a symptom of being an adult.

-the more times i go to walmart the more i get depressed by humanity. why are people doing a week's worth of grocery shopping at one in the morning? or better yet..why am i at walmart right now?! why are there only three lanes open, regardless of the time of day? why can i never pick the line that doesn't have the couponers/problem customers/18 year olds trying to buy alcohol? and do they even make carts that don't screech and pull to the right? walmart trips are pretty overwhelming for me, as you can see.

-the words lame and male are comprised of the same letters and therefore the same material.

-today it rained at four in the afternoon. there were only four people left in the office. and we didn't call it a day and go home. apparently we are fighters and persevere-ers.

-last night as i drove my sick, tired body home from a long night full of glitter and glue guns, i realized how great life is right now. it's the first time in a long time that things have been calm, consistent, safe. and as much as i like to pretend to be a wild adventurous risk taker, i'm a little partial to this steadiness.

-listening to the spin doctors will always be a good thing.

[title from battle beyond by crunk witch]

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