an incomplete before and after

favorites of the ‘before’: carpeted hallway where the previous owners’ treadmill sat, ugly peach curtains in the distance, shelf braces from the previous owners’ shrine of mary, ugly stained carpet which continued throughout the house


sunlight, white walls, and a swinging bed. i have the best room in the house.

it’s just a start, but it’s pretty indicative of how much it has improved!

i did get one proper, intentional before and after. but there’s a story. lindsey and i had to take a picture to bring to the mason worker so that he could see the fireplace that we were refinishing with stone. i decided to be an idiot and jump in the picture lindsey was taking, not thinking that a strange man would be looking at it later. it was awkward, to say the least. he looked a bit startled when he saw the picture, and then slowly muttered “oh...there’” yep. so naturally i had to sit stupidly for the ‘after’ picture too.518

someday i may grow out of being an idiot. but i suspect not.

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