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the most frustrating thing about my terrible memory is that sometimes i reflect on periods of time where i can’t remember the simple things—what i did or what made me happy, what i was worried about or excited for. here’s what did it for me today:

i woke up to snow. IMG-20121210-10814

i realize that snow is magical and enchanting for some, but to me it’s more of a blatant, in-your-face death trap; icy roads waiting to throw your truck off the road and send you sliding into your certain, unavoidable death. i frantically texted my boss telling him that i would probably die before making it to work {which amused him. thanks a lot}. i drove 30 mph on the freeway, celebrated making it alive, then proceeded to slip right outside of the office entrance.


i hear the safest way to drive on icy roads is to take pictures while moving. jk i was at a stoplight!

and then i worked. which today involved using remote-controlled christmas lights, cleaning up fake snow that i scattered on friday, a trip to a bowling alley, and lodging stress balls at people. not every day is this hard, i promise.

after staying at work well past closing hours, i spent some time at my mom’s house. this included watching my strange dog chase my strange sisters through the kitchen, down the hall, and back again. it also included baking bread bowls and soup for my mom’s co-workers and {naturally} a trip to walmart—which was poorly lit with makeshift lamps and lacked a wide variety of product due to snowstorms.

the thing i am most grateful for today is people’s innate inclination to care about other people. i love that people seem unable to stay unattached. i love that despite distance, inconvenience, or our own mental protests we care for people and love them for who they are—the way the talk, walk, and act. i love the imperfections that draw us to one another and make us all unique. and i’m especially grateful for people that aren’t afraid to express it.

here’s to hoping that i make it home alive tonight.

[title from cecilia by simon and garfunkel]

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