merry & bright

the first christmas miracle of the year was that my attempt to frost cookies with royal icing only failed the first two times. there was a tiny bit of panic {probably only in my head} that we were going to have to resort to something common to take to our friends as we caroled this year. gratefully that was not the case.


sugar cookies are very kind to my OCD side. cookie cutters that make everything even and symmetrical & dough that you can crumble up in frustration and roll out smoothly again.


if you’re kitchen’s not at least this messy during the holidays, you’re doing something wrong.


scratch on ari’s face courtesy of the nails on kenyan’s rouge, uncontrollable hands.


be still my heart. this one cookie brought me all the joy in the world. look at how beautiful it is. merry christmas indeed.


when all the caroling was done and the kitchen was cleaned {quite the undertaking} we settled down for christmas eve calm:IMG-20121224-11039

we decorate our christmas tree with wallet-sized picture frames. this year the lucky resident cowboy made it onto the tree not once, but twice.


christmas FHE lesson courtesy of aria

i woke up in aria’s bed the next morning {in the top tier of a white bunk bed surrounded by lilac walls} after dreaming that i’d gotten a white kia soul for christmas. after shaking off the confusion at my location, i looked out the window to see that it had snowed—the first real snow this winter {by my standards, anyway}.IMG-20121225-11044IMG-20121225-11045IMG-20121225-11048

we had pumpkin roll pancakes with real maple syrup and alyssa finally got her nsync underwear after years and years of patience.


that afternoon, while everyone was cozied up inside playing board games, i went outside with mozzie. as it turns out, that beast loves snow. i’ve never seen the word frolicking more accurately depicted.IMG-20121225-11073IMG-20121225-11081IMG-20121225-11067IMG-20121225-11069IMG-20121225-11072

i stayed outside until my fingers were frozen. then i spent the rest of the afternoon watching pocahontas with aria and slowly, lazily preparing ham and twice baked potatoes for dinner. the best kind of cooking is when there’s no end goal; when you can take your time chopping and dicing and waiting for water to boil and interrupt it all to get enraptured by a willow tree giving great advice.


{side note mostly for alyssa: aristocats, great mouse detective, and rescuers down under are all on netflix! merry christmas!}IMG-20121225-11093

this happened. no explanation.

and what christmas would be complete without some ridiculous family pictures?


all we can say is that we tried.


merry christmas, yo.


  1. I love that stolen picture you took of Lyss and Jeremy. But I love the NSync underwear more, just so you know I need my own unique pair... my happiness depends on it.

    Love ya girl! I will miss our Bridian friend this winter...

  2. Bridian. That's the best news I've heard all day (and today's been pretty good, considering I learned that I actually have above a 3.0 GPA, our car works perfectly in the snow, and I got silver nail polish in the mail today.)